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Ian Rogers HAUNTED dolls collection

by cnkguy
Ian Rogers HAUNTED dolls collection

Ian Rogers HAUNTED dolls collection

Ian Rogers HAUNTED dolls collection

Ian Rogers HAUNTED dolls collection

Ian Rogers, 36, a vehicle inspector, from Leicester, England, believes he has spirits of the dead living in his dolls.

Ian says that he got hooked on all things paranormal when he was a kid and had his first ghost hunt in 2000.

“It all started when I was a kid and I was looking into the Loch Ness Monster and ghosts,” he said.

“I went on a couple of ghost walks and then went on a hunt. It got me hooked.”

The haunted dolls, which Ian collects from Jayne Harris, who is a professional in paranormal activity, are said to contain the spirits of people who have died.

Ian says that he keeps the dolls for about six months to get an idea of their personalities before selling.

Ian said that he only get dolls from Jayne because that way he can be sure that they possess as spirit.

“I know that I can trust her. If I bought them from eBay then there’s no guarantee that they’re actually haunted and I could just be getting ripped off.”

“Jayne is able to give me a bit of background about the dolls but I enjoy learning about them myself.”

Ian said he has a favorite doll he has named Annabel, this doll he believes is haunted by the spirit of a 7 year-old girl who drowned while playing with her brother.

Ian like to take his dolls to shows and tries to get other investigators to try and figure out what might have happened to spirit’s residing in the dolls.

Saying, “If someone guesses three things that we already know correctly then they get some money off the sale price.”

“One lady said she could sense an ‘Annie’ so I went to get Annabel. She said she’d died and felt trapped.”

“As soon as she picked up the doll she said she felt soaking wet, and that she knew Annabel had drowned.”

Ian likes to invite people interested in the paranormal to take part in a variety of activities with the dolls.

The dolls were once shared with Ian’s sister, but she wanted to be rid of them after several creepy events happened, such hiding her keys.

Ian said he hasn’t been put off in the slightest over such incidents and is looking at buying other supernatural souvenirs.

“I would love to get more haunted dolls, and I’m looking for other items such as a haunted mirror.”


Ian’s haunted doll collection to date:

Annabel: A seven-year-old girl who drowned while playing with her brother. A happy child usually wearing a floral dress.

Jocelyn: A five-year-old French girl who was abducted from a market when shopping with her mother. Ian gets the smell of coffee from her.

Harriet: A 17-year-old girl who is angry, but not vicious. She committed suicide.

Hubert: An old man who does not give too much away. He likes to play games.

Sarah: A middle-aged school governess who died in a fire while trying to save children.

Esme:  A lady in her seventies who passed away from natural causes. She likes to be in the kitchen and had a husband that died of TB.

Max: An RAF pilot who died in the Second World War. He had a little girl who was five who he misses very much.

Simon: A recluse. He gave up his life to care for his sick mother, but when she passed away he took his own life.

The puppet: Not a lot is known about the puppet, but he likes jazz and is possibly from Belgium.





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