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Ghost Fleet Washes up in Japan

by cnkguy
Ghost Fleet Washes up in Japan

Ghost Fleet Washes up in Japan

ghost ship in japan

Ghost Fleet Washes up in Japan

A fleet of eleven mysterious ‘ghost ships’ have been discovered off the coast of Japan with over 20 skeleton remains found on board.

The mysterious ships have given rise to many theories as to what happened and who are the dead people on board, as authorities work to discover the answers.

Rescuers told the Japanese broadcaster NHK that the bodies of at least 20 sailors were ‘badly decomposed’ and ‘skeleton-like’ when they found the boats.

The mystery began when 4 wooden boats washed up in early November, followed by seven more found drifting in the Sea of Japan.

The most recent, discovered on Tuesday, was containing three bodies, and found off the coast of Fukui, some 250 miles north of Tokyo.

11 ghost ships

Ghost Fleet Washes up in Japan

One clues as to where the boats may have come from was a scrap of material that looks like it came from a North Korean flag, and on another boat was the writing that said ‘Korean People’s Army’.

Some people think that the vessels are fishing boats from North Korea, as they use primitive fishing boats similar to those found.

Coastguard staff said the crews may have been drifting for months without anyone knowing where they were, and there was no radios or GPS on board.

One vessel was equipped with lights that local fisherman use for squid fishing, but it’s not known whether they were stranded North Korean fishermen or people trying to escape Kim Jong-un’s rule.




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