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hello awhile ago i sent a msg about my sister and her ghosts in a chairs thing! she had another exp recently, she woke up in the middle of the night to a smokey figure hovering above her head. her first instinct was to punch it, and it dissolved in a puff of smoke! she said she got up and turned the lights on and it was gone. idk if she's got sleep paralysis or something or if she has a spiritual connection 👁🔎

by cnkguy
hello awhile ago i sent a msg about my sister and her ghosts in a chairs thing! she had another exp recently, she woke up in the middle of the night to a smokey figure hovering above her head. her first instinct was to punch it, and it dissolved in a puff of smoke! she said she got up and turned the lights on and it was gone. idk if she's got sleep paralysis or something or if she has a spiritual connection 👁🔎

i dig that she tried to punch it. And if she did throw fists, she wasn’t paralysized




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Haunted Hales Bar Dam | The Grave Talks

by cnkguy
Haunted Hales Bar Dam | The Grave Talks

Once a beacon for employment in the area, the Haunted Hales Bar Dam attracted thousands to the area to live and work within its walls. Many would find a happy life in the area; others would be swallowed up by its walls. Literally.

Listen to the full story of the haunted Hales Bar Dam at



, Real Ghost Stories

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The Reaper’s Scythe

by cnkguy
The Reaper’s Scythe

The Reaper's ScytheReading Time: 5 minutes

There is no fear as potent as the fear of the unknown. No monstrous visage discovered yet has been as terrifying as the infinite potential for horror which exists before the mask is removed.

That is why we humans, in our naive misunderstanding of the universal order, are gripped by the mortal fear of death. We think it the final frontier – the greatest imaginable unknown from whose penumbral shores no traveler may return. And so we cling desperately onto even the most dreary and anguished lives, suffering any known evil over our release into the beyond.

But death is not to be feared, because death is very well understood. We have witnessed it, caused it, measured and recorded it to the last dying spasm of neuronal flickering. Even as I lay dying, it seemed silly to me that I should be afraid of the emptiness which reason promised to expect.

While I was alive I wouldn’t experience death, so there was no reason to be afraid now. When I was dead, I wouldn’t be capable of experiencing anything, so fear still had no cause. That thought brought me great comfort as I felt the last erratic struggle from my heart against the inevitable conclusion I approached. It wasn’t until I was finally drifting off to sleep that a final intrusive doubt bubbled in my brain:

What if it isn’t death which is to be feared? What if it is what lies beyond?

And so troubled did I slip beyond mortal understanding, stepping into a world as far forsaken by reason as I was now from life. I was still in the hospital room, but the bustle of nurses and the beeping machines lost their opacity as though I was mired in swiftly descending dusk. It seemed as though every sound was an echo of what it once was; every sight a reflection. With each passing moment, the world was becoming less real…

But all that sight and sound – all that being – it wasn’t simply disappearing. It was transforming into a figure beside me. The less real my room became, the more real the figure was, until presently it existed in such sharp actuality that nothing beside it seemed real at all.

His cloak was black. Not the color black, but its essence. It was as though seeing a tiger after a lifetime of looking at a child’s crude drawing and thinking that’s all a tiger was. Reality flowed around his scythe like a brush through water colors, and I could see each elementary particle and time itself sunder across its blade.

Surely this, I thought. This is why we were taught without words to fear death. I clutched at my hospital blanket to cower from the intensity of the Reaper’s presence, but the once soft cotton now flowed like translucent mist through my hands. I knew in that moment that nothing could hide me from the specter’s grasp, for he was the only real thing in this world.

You’re late.

They weren’t words. My head ached from the strain of this knowledge as my lateness was burned into my awareness, imparted like an inescapable law of physics as unequivocal as gravity.

We don’t have time for the usual speech. Hurry now.

I felt myself swept up around him like dirt in a hurricane. Before I knew what was happening, we were outside the hospital, moving at such a frenzied pace that the world around me blurred into a dizzying tunnel of flashing light.

If you’re lucky, IT will have gotten bored of waiting for you.

I had too many questions, all fighting for attention in the forefront of my brain without any making their way out.

You’re quiet. I admire that. Usually people ask too much.

“What’s the point?” I asked. My voice felt flat and dead compared to his overwhelming substance. “How can I try to comprehend something so beyond mortal knowledge?”

You can’t. But it’s still human nature to ask.

We weren’t slowing. If anything, our pace was increasing. I wasn’t running, or flying, or anything of that nature. It was more like the rest of the world was moving around us while we stood still. A vague darkness and a heavy damp smell made me guess that we’d gone underground, but I couldn’t say for sure.

“One question then,” I asked. “What else is here besides you?”

And that is why questions are pointless. Death is not a place, or a person. It’s all there is.

Troubling thought, but made more so by the growing howl which began reverberating the rocks around me. We still seemed to be descending into the Earth, and the air was growing warmer and denser now. The sound continued to mount as though the world itself was suffering.

“Then what is IT?”

What I’m here to protect you from.

The rocks split from a flash of his scythe, and the ground opened further into a sprawling cavern dominated by a subterranean lake.

“But I thought you said you were all there is.”

No, I said Death was all there is.

We weren’t moving any longer. Light glinted off the scythe from some unseen source and streamed into the lake like a tributary. Once inside, the light didn’t reflect or dissipate, but swirled and danced like luminescent oil.

“I thought you were Death.”

Death is not a person.

The light was taking a life of its own inside the water. The still surface began to churn with the enigmatic energy. It took my scattered mind a long while to realize that I was the energy flowing into the lake. I still felt tangled up with the figure, but we now existed as a beam of light boiling into the water.

I knew I wouldn’t understand, but that didn’t stop me from feeling frustrated. If Death is all there is, then what is IT? What was waiting for me? The water pressed in around me and I couldn’t speak, although I could still draw breath somehow.

IT is here.

Something was in the water around me. Hands grabbed me by the legs and began dragging me downward. I was amazed to even discover I had limbs again. They felt so alien to me that it was almost as though this body was not my own. Light flashed from the scythe – then again. The hands let go, and the howling rose once more. The Reaper was fighting something, although I couldn’t make any sense of the battle except for the madness of thrashing water.

The howling Earth reached its crescendo, and the screams made the water around me convulse and contract like living fluid. Had the Reaper cut it? Was I safe? I began to explore my new body in the water, but just when I thought I was beginning to gain control the hands clutched me once more. I lurched downward, struggling in vain against their implacable grip.

“What is here?” I tried to shout against the suffocating liquid. “What is happening?”

But I couldn’t sense the Reaper’s presence any longer. The heat was unbearable, but the cold depths the hands were dragging me toward was even worse. I became aware of a blinding light at the bottom of the lake, and though I struggled, the hands dragged me inexorably onward.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t fight IT off. It seemed to be coming from so far away now. We will try again next time.

The pressure – the heat – the noise – the hands dragging me into the blinding light. I closed my eyes and screamed. I was free from the water now, but I just kept screaming. I couldn’t bear to look at IT – whatever had stolen me. Whatever was Death but wasn’t – whatever even the Reaper could not defeat.

Then words spoke. Real, human words from a real human mouth. My senses were so distraught that I couldn’t make sense of them, but I’m guessing they were something like:

“Congratulations! He’s a healthy baby boy.”

Most people can’t remember the day they die, or the day they were born. I happen to remember both, and I know that they are the same.


CREDIT: Tobias Wade

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True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit

by cnkguy
True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit


“My uncle was a doctor one time, and he had to go lots of times late at night to doctor people. Every time he’d start down Locust Ridge Mountain, a woman would run out and throw her hands up. He said he could see the bones in her hand and every bone in her fingers.

He shot at her one night. Said she jumped on the horse and rode down the mountain with him, then jumped off and disappeared, and he didn’t know where she’d went to. Said one time he took him a gun up on the mountain when he went a trip. He said he shot at her, and said he never could hit her. He said he told the people that if they wanted a doctor they’d just have to call him in daytime, or not call him late a night, for he wasn’t going to be on the mountain late at light. Because he was afraid.”

Listen to the original recording here.

Hall, Joseph S, Unidentified Woman, and Unidentified Boy.
Interview with 70+ year old white female and 15 year old boy, Tennessee.
[Unknown] Audio.
Retrieved from the Library of Congress



Ghost and Ghouls

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Never Use Cheat Codes on a Ouija Board

by cnkguy
Never Use Cheat Codes on a Ouija Board

Never Use Cheat Codes on a Ouija BoardReading Time: 9 minutes

In my hometown, there is a unique shop of oddities called “HexWorks” that I frequent. It’s an old-world boutique that specializes in niche products that I’d describe as being vintage-style with a modern spin. Their items include cloaks, pocket watches, lapels, bizarre art prints, lavish jewelry, and Victorian home decor, among other curiosities. Let’s just say it’s a great place to visit if you’re ever putting together a steampunk cosplay.

HexWorks is, without a doubt, my favorite place to window shop, but I rarely leave with anything. The prices are high, rightfully so, and though I love the selection, I can’t really say I need anything they have to offer. It would be different if I were a convention-goer or financially stable enough to justify such luxury purchases, but alas, I am neither. Instead, I relax in the shop’s tranquil atmosphere and drum up business for them whenever I get the chance to talk about the place. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

One day, however, a new product arrived at Hex – one that I couldn’t help but gush over. There, sitting on an easel behind the store’s front window, was a large, hand-made, one-of-a-kind Ouija board. The woodwork was beautiful, and the text was striking. It was crafted so elegantly that I couldn’t help but be captivated by it. I had to know where it came from and how much it was going for.

Curious as ever, I made my way into the shop, walked right up to the owner, and inquired about the board’s origins. He told me it was a new piece sent to the shop by a friend of a friend who had inherited it from a relative. It was an heirloom that had been in this person’s family for many years, passed down from generation to generation. Too spooked by the board to continue the tradition, the man donated it to HexWorks.

The more the owner and I talked about it, the more I wanted the board for myself. I was never big on the occult or the paranormal, but it was too beautiful a piece to pass up. It was something I wanted for no other reason than to say I owned it. It would be a conversation piece and an item I would proudly show off to my friends and family. The downside? The owner wanted $500 for it.

After a few rounds of haggling with the owner, we came to an agreement. He would put the Ouija board aside for me, and I would make weekly payments until it was paid off. He even offered me a slight “friends and family” discount for being a regular at the shop. After all was said and done, I would be paying $432. That was still a hefty price tag, but I was grateful for the compromise and gladly agreed to the conditions.

A grueling nine weeks later, I was the proud owner of my very own spirit board. It came in an equally well-crafted, wooden chest, upon which the word “Ouija” was etched, along with what was presumably the year it was made, 1913. Upon opening it up at home, I noticed a few extras that came with it.

Inside the chest, alongside the board, was an ivory planchette, an empty picture frame, and a small, faded pamphlet titled “User Manual.” The pamphlet’s contents consisted of diagrams and instructions over-explaining the use of the board. It more or less boiled down to “place your hands on the planchette and wait for it to move.” What I found peculiar was a section towards the back of the manual with a heading that read “Cheat Sheet.”


It went like this:


Want a simpler way to see your loved ones in the afterlife? Fear not! We have just the solution. Introducing the Ouija board cheat sheet! With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll be able to see those bereaved from you and know that they’re okay. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Place the frame included in your kit directly in front of the board in an upright position.

  1. Choose one of the following 29-character sequences and place your planchette over the letters and numbers accordingly. The year in which your chosen loved one was born is represented by the four question marks at the start of the sequence. The year in which they passed is represented by the four question marks at the end.








  1. Be sure to visualize the person in your mind as you move the planchette across the board. If done correctly, a still image of your loved one should appear within the frame, however briefly.


This is not a precise science and results may vary. Each string of characters works differently depending on the person, the time of day, and the area in which you are located relative to the spirit realm. If one sequence doesn’t work, fret not. You can always try another. And please bear in mind, this is a one-way window. Your loved one will not be able to communicate with you when their image surfaces. Any attempt to speak with them will be met with silence. Enjoy.


I chuckled at what was clearly an attempt at humor by the maker of the board. Distasteful, perhaps, but it was certainly comical. Imagine that – entering a code into a Ouija board and receiving a snapshot from the other side. How ridiculous.

Still, something about the Ouija board “cheat sheet” irked me. Was the picture frame’s only purpose to accompany the joke? Shouldn’t the manual have clarified this a little further? And who exactly was the joke meant for, anyway? This board was one-of-a-kind; more than likely commissioned by its original owner. Was such a beautifully-crafted piece really meant to be nothing more than a gag gift?

Having a gag myself, I set the thing up, frame and all. Whether it was out of boredom or a desire to prove to myself that the “cheat sheet” really was a load of malarkey, I decided to follow the instructions to a tee. I grabbed a beer, chose a character sequence, and recalled the birth/death dates of my favorite family pet, Scratches. All dogs go to heaven, right?

After placing the planchette over the corresponding characters, I looked up at the frame. I swear I saw a milky, white fog manifest behind the glass. No image, just cloudy particles dancing about like dust brushed off of an old book. To make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I repeated the process, and to my surprise, it happened again and again. With each subsequent use, the smoky substance grew in visibility. It was still faint, but entirely noticeable.

Several theories swam around my brain, many of which sunk into the abyss of my collective thoughts. One, however, kept coming up for air. It was silly, but I kept considering the possibility that maybe, just maybe the cheat sheet was legitimate. Crazy, I know, but the prospects of having a truly supernatural artifact were exciting. Even if there was a rational explanation for what I’d seen, I was at least going to have some fun playing around with the thing.

And so, I took off. I called up my parents and collected the dates of various relatives who had passed away. I told them I was doing that thing to “learn more about my heritage.” Deceptive, yes, but they wouldn’t have been so understanding if I told them I was dabbling in the dark arts.

After gathering the information I needed, I reclaimed my seat in front of the board. I’d had a few more beers by this point, so my motor skills were not exactly in perfect working order. Because of this, I fucked up the first sequence. Using my great aunt Linda’s birth and death years, I entered the code correctly, save for the “O.” I accidentally placed the planchette over the “O” in the Ouija logo at the top of the board. What happened next was surprising.

I noticed my mistake and expected the frame to remain dormant, but this was not the case. To my astonishment, a clear image came into focus behind the glass. What I saw was the outline of a structure sewn into a white, foggy backdrop. As quickly as it came, the image faded out of view, leaving me baffled.

What was I seeing, exactly? A building in the afterlife? Is that where buildings went upon being demolished? Or was the next world industrialized, much like earth?

Enthralled by the idea of having a peek into heaven’s inner workings, I fudged up some more sequences. I plugged in random years, past, present, and future, and made up my own codes. There was no rhyme or reason to my methods – I was basically punching in random combinations just to see what would happen. I was rewarded with little results. Only a couple of my codes worked, and the images that came about were too blurry to make out any discernable features.

Despite mostly failing in my endeavors, I kept at it. Sequence after sequence, I continued to move the planchette across the wood. I grew tired, but my curiosity far outweighed my eyelids. Towards the wee hours of early morning, I struck gold. One of my made-up codes worked, giving me a proper glimpse into what comes after.

As clear as day, I saw a bustling street, filled with what I assume were souls of the departed. In addition to people, there were cars, buildings, and traffic signs, the likes of which I’d never seen. It was similar to earth scenery but significantly different. Surrounded by a flood of light and white fog, the landscape felt altogether more peaceful, for lack of a better description. Honestly, it’s something I look forward to being a part of – in the distant future, of course.

I was satisfied with my find, but I couldn’t stop there. Using different variations of the same sequence, I pressed on. To my delight, I was greeted with more and more images of the afterlife, all of which bore great clarity, allowing me to see even the finest of details. Here are some of the things I saw:


-Skyscrapers, far taller than their earthly counterparts


-Transparent bridges, connecting various parts of the heavenly community


-Bioluminescent trees and wildlife (mostly scattered about, but I did find one large forest)


-Glimmering pools of water around every corner


-Strange weather patterns. Every now and again I’d see clouds, but they changed color from image to image


With every sequence, I found something new and unusual on the other side. I was an explorer of sorts, discovering vast sections of land in uncharted territory. This was now my hobby of choice. Unfortunately for me, it was one that wouldn’t last.

In an attempt to take things a bit further, I grabbed a camera, a pencil, and paper. I would record my findings and write down points of interest. I was more or less setting out to make a map of heaven. It would be a tough project, but one I would most certainly enjoy.

Now by this point, it was around eight o’clock in the morning. I’d been at it for about nine hours straight, and I was more than ready to take a break and catch some shut-eye. I decided it would be best to start my cartography project after a quick nap, but I wanted to try one more sequence before going to bed.

I made up another variation of the jackpot code and entered it into the Ouija board. I then watched with bated breath as familiar white particles came together like puzzle pieces to form another heavenly landscape. The anticipation was torture – I felt like an addict, biding my time as I waited for the heroine to take effect. I may have been a little obsessed, but at least the way I got my kicks was harmless. Or so I thought.

Just as I was about to receive my fix, something strange happened. The pieces of the image swirled around at high-speed before revealing a blank, dark background. White letters then faded into view, creating a very clear message.




Perplexed, I tried another sequence, then another, and another. Each time, I was greeted with the same word. I even tried older codes that I knew worked, but to no avail. For an entire hour, I tried and I tried, begging the board to work again – to restore its supernatural properties. Eventually, I got one code to work, but not in the way that I’d hoped.

Upon using the code, old images resurfaced, cycling backward like slides on a projector. In every one of them, something was amiss. It was distant at first, but as the frame cycled through the images, it came closer to the foreground. It appeared to be some sort of shadowy figure, pitch black and faceless – like a black cloak suspended in the shape of a person.

Within a few moments, things took a turn for the worst. The darkness stayed, but the scenery changed – from the afterlife to this life. I saw still frames of my family and friends here on earth, the shadowy figure looming behind them. I helplessly watched as it crept up on them, inching closer and closer to contact. I was horrified.

Before the figure could reach out and touch my loved ones, the slideshow ceased. For a moment, the frame was empty, void of the horrors that once danced behind its glass. I was granted a breather, but not for long. After another moment or two, one last image filled the frame.

It was me, sitting in front of the Ouija board, just as I was then. I might as well have been staring at a reflection. Standing directly behind me, however, was the cloaked figure. It reached down and touched the back of my neck. I felt its cold fingers slide across my skin. Breaking free of my initial shock, I jumped up and ran for the door. I left my house, tired and terrified. I didn’t return until the following day.

After everything that’s happened, I can only guess that I pissed off some angelic being upstairs by poking around its home. I saw things I never should have been able to see and overstayed my welcome, breaking some sort of divine law in the process. I’ve since disposed of the board, but my experience has stayed with me. I’m always looking over my shoulder and constantly checking on my family and friends to make sure they’re okay. So far, so good.

Though I’m alive, I can’t help but feel I’m closer to death than I’ve ever been. Yesterday, I almost walked into oncoming traffic. A passerby had to pull me back. This morning, I felt the elevator at my work wobble a bit and I swear it was about to fall. Maybe it’s paranoia. Maybe I’m just shaken by what I saw and felt. No matter what’s going on, I’m going to play it safe from here on out.

Moral of the story? Don’t fuck around with Ouija boards.


CREDIT: Christopher Maxim

(Click HERE to check out Christopher Maxim’s latest book, How To Exit Your Body and Other Strange Tales)

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Black Shadows

by cnkguy
Black Shadows


forever-losing-bobby-pins submitted:

I was about 4 or 5 maybe when this happened. I still remember it so vividly, like it happened yesterday.
I had a cabin bed at the time. The kind that is like a bunk bed but with a desk underneath.
For some reason I was sleeping at the bottom of my bed, where the dip was for the ladders. I just remember sleeping in my pile of teddies.
I felt someone was watching me and in my dream my teddies were telling me I needed to wake up and move.
I woke up and saw a dark slim figure of a man, he had no face and his head pointed. The best way to describe it, would be like a kkk mask but without any detail.
It felt like he was leaning over me and wanted to hurt me. I hid under my covers waiting for it to go but every time I looked he was still there, beside me, leaning over me. Eventually he left me alone and I was able to scream for my mum.
My mum came in and saw nothing but I knew he was still watching somewhere.

The thing that gets me now is. I still remember it. I still shit myself in the dark or when I hear a bang. I’m scared he’s back. My mum had always told me it was the cats tail but I’ve always known it wasn’t.
The other day I was talking to my mum about ghosts and I mentioned the shadow man that I saw. It was the first time I had really told her.
As I was telling the story her face was filled with horror and she looked like she was going to cry. My mum doesn’t mind ghosts so I started to worry. When I asked her what’s up she said: “ I’m not sure if I should say this but….I think it’s real…. I believe you. You had awful nightmares as a kid. I would get up a couple of times a night to comfort you. I always felt unsafe, like something was watching us and trying to hurt us. Whatever it was, it was bad.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 10/10 I’m giving this a 10 because I’m sure as shit I’m gonna get nightmares in a lil bit.  The figure sounds very scary.  It makes it slightly better to imagine it as Darkness from Pajama Sam. Also the teddy bear part was wild, my goodness. Thanks for sharing the scares!




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