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Dancing on Clouds Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a bit…

by cnkguy
Dancing on Clouds Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a bit…

Dancing on Clouds

New Year everyone! It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged, but that’s only
because of the holidays and I also started on a new venture in my life.
Of which I am very happy about! Cheers to starting off the year right!
Yeah, me!

with that all in mind I’ve been “cleaning” up the old and making room
for the new. Which actually makes for the perfect segue into my latest
meditation session.

was a short interaction with this new ghost. I heard the calling from
my spirit to go “up”. And for those of you who have not read my other
entries let me catch you up. When I hear/feel “up” that means I go to
what I like to call “Cloud City”.

I arrived to the clouds and passed through the veil I was welcomed by
the feeling of warmth and a sense of ambition. A certain feeling of
“keep it light” came to me.

came to find myself somewhat floating above the white marble pathway,
clouds drifted here and there as I moved along. Then as I began to
wonder if anyone was around I came across a ghost. What was eye opening
about this ghost was that it was a male energy of whom was tap dancing.
Yup, straight up tap dancing. And he knew how to do it, like straight up
Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly vibes. I had a sudden pull of feeling his
passion in his current state. He was incredibility happy.

The ghost continued to dance as I approached him slowly. He hadn’t taken noticed of my presence yet.

“Howdy.” As I come closer

immediately stopped. And it was as if any white noise was gone. He
turns his head to me slightly tilted and squints. His eyes are frosted
white and he cocks his head to the left as he moves closer to me. He
then smiles wide at me, crooked teeth and all.

“Mcalister is the name…Alex Mcalister…how are ye?” he asked me

“Oh well, I guess I’m doing alright, got a few new things floating about in my life, how about you Alex?”

He smirks at me.

“Ah, I know you…you’re one of those.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” Confused I look more deeply at what he is showing me appearance wise.

can see he is wearing a black and white tux with tails and has what
looks to be like dancing or tap dancing shoes on. He also seems to bare a
deep scaring above his collar. He has white and gold glitter inter
woven into the appearance of his clothing. This to me is then an
indication of whom the spirit likes to be in his human form from when he
was on our Earth. This I believe makes them feel like it gives me
comfort. To see them or him in this “form”.

look back at him and to his frosted eyes: “So, sir? Please tell me of
what you are insinuating, what do you mean I am one of those?”

called me, or at least something like me. *pause* You seek ambition and
a plan, you’re hungry for it, you also ask if you can maintain a sense
of happiness while trying to accomplish the many things you want to
accomplish, tell me I’m wrong?” he says to me smugly

I take a moment and see what he speaks is truth.

are right without a doubt sir…I guess I just want to know that I can
accomplish keeping my balance of happiness while taking on new and more
things in my life…I had a problem with this in the past and always let
happiness go to the wayside…”

“Take this from me when you ever think that…Though I may be dead in your eyes, I still dance.”

“You mean though you’re dead, you can still live? Because dancing is life?”

He smiles sweetly to me : “You got it.”

that my friends is what it is all about. Some of you may be wondering
what in the hell does that mean? My interpretation is this: though what
you see in your eyes may be a negative there will always be positivity.
So in my case I asked if I will still be able to maintain self happiness
in my new ambitions or goals. And the answer is yes! There will always
be a negative way to look at it all, but when you really look past that
you can find the positive.

Source: Lonely Ghost Stories

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Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly areAnimal…

by cnkguy
Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly areAnimal…

Animal Spirit Guides: Reflections of who We truly are

Ghosts! How I love thee so! My experience with animal guides are always a
lot of fun. They give the person I’m reading for a fun visual. The
animals are always the first to appear when I do a reading too. Because
in a way I am getting a sense of who that person truly is inside. Their
true nature is reflected in what animal comes forth.

When I would do readings I would bring up how we each have
an animal ghost that walks with us. They follows just like our “main”
ghosts/guides. These animal spirits are just as important as our other
guides. And yes, everyone has one. Whether it be a giraffe, flying squirrel, a dolphin, tree frog, or a bobcat they all have purpose for your life.

animal guides overall are a reminder of your own nature and what you
feel down in your nature is who you are. It is like a piece of your
spirit in animal form. The animals in my understanding are keepers of
this Earth and belong to this Earth. Thus your animal guide is a
representation of your own spiritual Earthly nature. Does that make

For example: My animal ghost is a black wolf with large lavender eyes (it’s not that shocking if you know me haha). Note: The animals never have pupils. The art above by Brian Serway
brilliantly captures the very essence of what I see when I call an
animal guide in a reading. I was shocked when I came across this work
because it truly was like seeing a spirit animal on paper. I think he
steps through the veil when he works, don’t you?

Going back to my own animal guide. The wolf represents (and I’m
summarizing here) powerful instinct, great use of intuition. The Wolf
roams the wild with a thirst for freedom, while working within a social
environment. That’s who I am in a nut shell. My guide always says:

“Keep your feet. Though the ground shakes it will be over soon and you will be renewed”. 

when I do readings for people it is never a surprise when say a whale
named Reggie pops up for a particular person. People are usually
surprised of who comes when called, but when they think about it the
response is:

“Oh damn, yup, that makes sense with the whale because of these reasons.”

be surprised by what animal comes about. That’s why the phase “never
judge a book by it’s cover”, yeah that really does mean something. The
animals are eyes into who that person is and also what the animal can
teach that person they walk with. Such as the whale, maybe someone
believes they cannot communicate with a partner because of self doubt.
But the whale will step in and show them :

you are actually at your best when you communicate and have peaceful
strength, ect. that which will help you achieve and resolve this issue”.

in all these spiritual creatures walk with us at all times. They are a
visual grounding tool in a sense to remind you and to show you :

“this is who you are, or this is what you’re made of”.

a sense of who we are deep down is very important when making decisions
in our life, wouldn’t you agree? That is why they are here. And our
other guides are there to help show you the way and to ask questions
about a certain choice, or person or even your past, present or future.
The animal walks with you in the present and will always be a reminder
of who you are and to always stay grounded within your own nature of

Who’s your spirit animal? I’d love to know!

Source: Lonely Ghost Stories

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hello awhile ago i sent a msg about my sister and her ghosts in a chairs thing! she had another exp recently, she woke up in the middle of the night to a smokey figure hovering above her head. her first instinct was to punch it, and it dissolved in a puff of smoke! she said she got up and turned the lights on and it was gone. idk if she's got sleep paralysis or something or if she has a spiritual connection 👁🔎

by cnkguy
hello awhile ago i sent a msg about my sister and her ghosts in a chairs thing! she had another exp recently, she woke up in the middle of the night to a smokey figure hovering above her head. her first instinct was to punch it, and it dissolved in a puff of smoke! she said she got up and turned the lights on and it was gone. idk if she's got sleep paralysis or something or if she has a spiritual connection 👁🔎

i dig that she tried to punch it. And if she did throw fists, she wasn’t paralysized




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True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit

by cnkguy
True Ghost Story: Locust Ridge Mountain Spirit


“My uncle was a doctor one time, and he had to go lots of times late at night to doctor people. Every time he’d start down Locust Ridge Mountain, a woman would run out and throw her hands up. He said he could see the bones in her hand and every bone in her fingers.

He shot at her one night. Said she jumped on the horse and rode down the mountain with him, then jumped off and disappeared, and he didn’t know where she’d went to. Said one time he took him a gun up on the mountain when he went a trip. He said he shot at her, and said he never could hit her. He said he told the people that if they wanted a doctor they’d just have to call him in daytime, or not call him late a night, for he wasn’t going to be on the mountain late at light. Because he was afraid.”

Listen to the original recording here.

Hall, Joseph S, Unidentified Woman, and Unidentified Boy.
Interview with 70+ year old white female and 15 year old boy, Tennessee.
[Unknown] Audio.
Retrieved from the Library of Congress



Ghost and Ghouls

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Black Shadows

by cnkguy
Black Shadows


forever-losing-bobby-pins submitted:

I was about 4 or 5 maybe when this happened. I still remember it so vividly, like it happened yesterday.
I had a cabin bed at the time. The kind that is like a bunk bed but with a desk underneath.
For some reason I was sleeping at the bottom of my bed, where the dip was for the ladders. I just remember sleeping in my pile of teddies.
I felt someone was watching me and in my dream my teddies were telling me I needed to wake up and move.
I woke up and saw a dark slim figure of a man, he had no face and his head pointed. The best way to describe it, would be like a kkk mask but without any detail.
It felt like he was leaning over me and wanted to hurt me. I hid under my covers waiting for it to go but every time I looked he was still there, beside me, leaning over me. Eventually he left me alone and I was able to scream for my mum.
My mum came in and saw nothing but I knew he was still watching somewhere.

The thing that gets me now is. I still remember it. I still shit myself in the dark or when I hear a bang. I’m scared he’s back. My mum had always told me it was the cats tail but I’ve always known it wasn’t.
The other day I was talking to my mum about ghosts and I mentioned the shadow man that I saw. It was the first time I had really told her.
As I was telling the story her face was filled with horror and she looked like she was going to cry. My mum doesn’t mind ghosts so I started to worry. When I asked her what’s up she said: “ I’m not sure if I should say this but….I think it’s real…. I believe you. You had awful nightmares as a kid. I would get up a couple of times a night to comfort you. I always felt unsafe, like something was watching us and trying to hurt us. Whatever it was, it was bad.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 10/10 I’m giving this a 10 because I’m sure as shit I’m gonna get nightmares in a lil bit.  The figure sounds very scary.  It makes it slightly better to imagine it as Darkness from Pajama Sam. Also the teddy bear part was wild, my goodness. Thanks for sharing the scares!




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7 Haunted Places in North Carolina

by cnkguy
7 Haunted Places in North Carolina

From a banshee-plagued river to a mountain with mysterious lights, North Carolina is full of haunted places. Here are seven of the most frightening.

Grove Park Inn – Asheville

According to local legend, a tragic figure known as the Lady in Pink haunts Asheville’s Grove Park Inn. Like many hotel ghosts, the Lady in Pink reportedly fell to her death from an upper-level room. In this case, room 545. Some versions of the tale claim she jumped after a love affair gone wrong (like the female spirits here and here). Others say the Lady in Pink slipped by mistake. Either way, the playful spirit is said to roam the historic inn dressed in a beautiful pink ballgown. Legend has it she’s fond of whispering to children, tickling guests’ feet as they sleep, and switching off electrical devices, among other things.

Brown Mountain – Morganton

For generations, mysterious balls of light have appeared over Brown Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina. The phenomenon is so common that a local sign reads: “From early times people have observed weird, wavering lights rise above this mountain, then dwindle and fade away.” Are the lights paranormal? It depends on who you ask.

According to one Cherokee legend, the Brown Mountain Lights are the spirits of women searching for fallen warriors. Modern theories attribute the illumination to distant cars or trains. Others say ball lightning, swamp gas, or even UFOs are to blame.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground – Bear Creek

The devil himself reportedly haunts a bare patch of earth in Chatham County. According to local lore, the prince of darkness ascends from hell and walks in circles, plotting death and destruction for mankind. Though the devil doesn’t reveal himself, the spot has been forever cursed by his foul presence. Eerie activity includes objects that disappear, shadows that slink through trees, and soothing voices that lure visitors into the woods.

Latta Plantation – Huntersville

Built in 1800, the Latta Plantation was once home to a prosperous merchant and his family. Today, it is a 52-acre living history museum. Legend has it the historical site is also home to a few ghosts. Some visitors and reenactors have seen shadow people on the property, while others have heard children playing in the upper level. Other activity includes doors that slam shut on their own, a heavy mirror that crashes to the floor without breaking, and disembodied whispers.

Tar River – Tarboro

According to local legend, a banshee haunts Tar River near the small town of Tarboro. During the Revolutionary War, a group of British soldiers allegedly killed a patriot who swore a banshee would haunt them after his death. The soldiers laughed and drowned the man in the river, but sure enough a banshee visited each of the men just days later. Now, the banshee appears to those who wade into the same area of the river at night.

Gimghoul Castle – Chapel Hill

The legend of Gimghoul Castle at the University of North Carolina goes something like this. In the 1800s, two young men were in love with the same woman. They agreed to a duel, and one of the men, Peter Dromgoole, was killed and buried under a rock that now bears his name. The woman at the center of the love triangle soon died of heartbreak, and the two lovebirds now haunt UNC’s campus.

Lovers Leap – Hot Springs

Legend has it a beautiful Cherokee woman hurled herself off a cliff after her husband was murdered. The woman, Mist-on-the-Mountain, and her husband, Magwa, now haunt the ledge known as Lovers Leap. Though contemporary accounts of the haunting are rare, the doomed couple is reportedly most active “when the June moon rises, and the flooded river laps at the base of the rock.” Eerie activity includes disembodied screams, howls, and odd splashes in the river below. Lovers Leap is along the Appalachian Trail, and countless hikers trek past it each year. How many unknowingly encountered the spirits of the doomed lovers?

Know of a haunted place in North Carolina? Share it here!

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Ghost and Ghouls

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