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Incredible CCTV footage of Ghost walking around

by cnkguy
Incredible CCTV footage of Ghost walking around


CCTV footage of Ghost

Incredible CCTV footage of Ghost walking around

Marcus Levin owns the Get Baked restaurant in Leeds, England and he got the scare of a lifetime when he checked the CCTV footage from the early hours of that morning.

The camera captures what looks to be a bright white figure as it’s moving around out in front of the restaurant at around 3am.

You can hear the excitement in Marcus’s voice as he’s heard talking about the footage he captured, which he later posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

He said, “I don’t believe in ghosts and this isn’t sped up, this is literally just what happened.”

“What is that? Something is walking through the light, I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.”

The video has since been shared 30,000 times on Facebook and is now making the round on Youtube.

Marcus adds, “I wouldn’t joke about this, I’m genuinely scared and even if you don’t think the video is weird, you can’t deny that what’s appeared on the door is a little bit freaky.”




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