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Ghost Photobombs Family Holiday Picture

by cnkguy
Ghost Photobombs Family Holiday Picture

Ghost Photobombs Family Holiday

Ghost Photobombs Family Holiday

Ghost Photobombs Family Holiday Picture

Nurul Islam, 37, sister took the family pictures at Easter of his niece and nephew posing in front of an 1812 castle folly in Roundhay Park.

Roundhay Park is located four miles north-east of central Leeds, is also the location where Irene Richardson, the third victim of Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, was murdered back in 1977.

The folly is a Victorian-style replica of castle ruins and was built in 1812 by George Nettleton for the Nicholson family.

The area was once a hunting ground in the 13th century, and now covers more than 700 acres of land and is one of Europe’s biggest urban parks.

Mr Nettleton bought the Roundhay Park Estate in 1803, built The Mansion and landscaped the grounds, creating the lakes there.

Nurul said he was shocked when he saw the image showing a specter in a shroud walking up the steps with an outstretched arm.

Saying, “I don’t even like watching scary films and I don’t like looking at this photo because it’s spooky, there was no one there.”

Roundhay Park ghost

Nurul added, “My sister looked at the photograph and she saw it first, the castle isn’t too old but who knows who lived there before.”

“We were taking lots of pictures. Because people were standing on the steps and walking about, we waited for them to move on before we took a picture.”

“We waited and waited for a clear point when no-one was there as they wanted to hold their hands together. That’s why we’re sure there was no-one there.”

“I didn’t think anything of it and took a few more. Then we got home and looked at the photos and saw this thing at the back of it that wasn’t there before.”

“My sister said ‘Oh my God it’s a ghost’. I’ve started to think it might be. There was definitely no-one there when I took the picture.”

Dr. Kevin Grady of Leeds Civic Trust, said this was the first time ghoulish activity had been recorded at the site.

Dr Grady said, “Originally there was a wooden roof on top so there was an upper room which the Nicholson family would use.

“The folly was used as a family house, a sewing room by the girls and they had social functions there.”




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