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America’s Most Haunted Building: The Cecil Hotel

by cnkguy
America’s Most Haunted Building: The Cecil Hotel

America's Most Haunted Building: The Cecil Hotel

America's Most Haunted Building: The Cecil Hotel

America’s Most Haunted Building: The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil hotel, now called Stay on Main is located on Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, is a budget hotel with 600 rooms and a ghoulish history.

Built in 1927, it has been the scene of suicides, murders, disappearances and has even been the home to serial killers.

But the most disturbing is the story of Elisa Lam who was found dead in the roof top water storage tank, after residents of the hotel complained of foul-smelling blackish water coming out of their taps.

Elisa a 21 year old Canadian tourist was visiting LA when she made the fatal mistake to stay at the Cecil. Checking into the hotel on January 26, 2013, she went missing on February 1.

Investigator found some shocking footage captured on the CCTV which shows Elisa acting strangely as if fleeing some unseen person.

Seeking to escape in the elevator, she is seen pressing all the buttons which for some reason fails to make the elevator work, then she is seen peering out in panic.

With the lift failing to work she exits it and gestures to someone, or something, down the hallway, finally moving out of the picture and never to be seen alive again!

Elisa Lam Cecil Hotel

It was two weeks later that a maintenance worker discovered her body in the roof top water tank, and the police were notified.

The police investigation revealed that the only way to gain access to the roof was through a locked door or the fire escape but were unable to determine how she got onto the roof or how she managed to get into the water tank, and more importantly how was she able to close the lid after her.

The coroner ruled her death “accidental due to drowning”, and there were NO drugs or alcohol found in her body, yet there are still many questions that remain unanswered.

Elisa is one of many bizarre deaths at The Cecil. It was in 1962 that Pauline Otton jumped from her ninth-floor room, killing George Gianinni when her body landed on him. The unsolved murder of Goldie Osgood, aka the Pigeon woman. She was found robbed, strangled, raped, and stabbed inside her seventh floor room.

Richard Ramirez stayed at the hotel, aka The Night Stalker, became infamous when he terrorized LA from 1984-85, killing 13 women, all of which he did while staying in the top floor of the Cecil. According to tour guides he would dump his bloody clothes in the dumpsters out back after a night of killing.

Jack Underweger, a copycat killer of Ramirez, murdered three prostitutes while staying at the Cecil, which many believe he chose as tribute to the Night Stalker himself.

With the notorious history of the hotel it has become a hot spot for paranormal enthusiasts who believe the building is haunted by the spirits of the many people who have died in the building, while other believe the building is cursed.

The hotel owners decided to change the name to Stay on Main, but no name chance is going to erase the ghoulish past of this haunted hotel!




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