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18th Century Ghost Captured in Photo

by cnkguy
18th Century Ghost Captured in Photo

18th century ghost

18th century ghost

18th Century Ghost Captured in Photo

Sister Emma and Lauren Surgenor took the Ghost Tour of the Edinburgh Vaults and captured a shot of the ghost nick named, The Watcher.

Emma who lives in Blackpool said, “We took loads of pictures and some of them came up pitch black and some came through. We went through all the photos on my digital camera that evening and lightened up the pictures that came back black.”

“To our shock this figure which looks like a man appeared in one of them. We got a chill sensation and just screamed ‘oh my god'”.

“It was a creepy moment. My sister was petrified. She was going on about how he was standing right behind her. Then she thought it was pretty cool. It’s pretty scary stuff. There was no one else there.”

Edinburgh vaults cv4

“I have another picture taken two seconds before and after where my sister isn’t in the doorway and from the same angle and there is nothing there.”

“It was so creepy but then we were chuffed we had found something. But it was a real shock that made your hair stand on end.”

In Emma’s picture you can see The Watcher standing directly behind her sister wearing what looks to be a long coat and boots.

Emma added, “There are a lot of stories about a man down there who wears big boots and a coat and another called The Watcher with long hair and 18th century clothing. It’s weird that my sister was standing there behind him. She was pretty creeped out at first.”

The Edinburgh vaults are located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and consist of a series of chambers formed in the arches of the South Bridge, which were completed in 1788.

Edinburgh Vaults

The vaults were used to house tradesmen, as well as for storage for illicit material, including the bodies of people killed by serial killers Burke and Hare for medical experiments.

Condition in the Vaults were poor and soon the businesses left which allowed the poorest of city residents to moved in. It’s believed by around 1820 that even those people had moved on.

The Edinburgh vaults were featured on the show called Living TV’s Most Haunted, where they were monitored in both a 24-hour investigation with Scottish Investigator Ryan O’Neill taking part.

Another TV show called the Ghost Adventures, also did a show from the vaults and claimed to have had numerous encounters with ghosts at the site.

The Watcher or Mr. Boots as some call it, has been seen by hundreds of visitors over the years, with some people describing him as tall with no eyes, a full beard, a long coat and big thigh-high boots.

He has also been heard sometimes shouting ‘get out,’ to people who go near it.










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