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Ghost seen on CCTV at Hampton Court Palace

by cnkguy
Ghost seen on CCTV at Hampton Court Palace

Ghost seen on CCTV at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Ghost seen on CCTV at Hampton Court Palace

The mystery began in October 2003 at the 16th-century palace that was once home to King Henry VIII.

Security staff on duty heard alarms ringing near an exhibition hall, which indicating that a fire door had been opened.

Arriving to the location the found the door was closed. Puzzled they returned to their office and began examining the CCTV footage, and that is when it got spooky.

The CCTV cameras showed the heavy doors swinging open with no one there. Then, a figure in a long coated appeared and slammed the doors shut.

The guards were later told the same thing happened on the previous day about and at the same time – 1pm.

And the following day the doors also flew open again at the same time, 1pm. But that time there was no ghostly figure spotted.

The ‘ghost’ was not only sighted by the CCTV, an Australian tourists also claim to have seen a ghost near the exhibition area.

Security has ruled out its tour guides as suspects because they do not enter that part of the building.

Psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman said the ghost, nicknamed Skeletor, might prove to be a significant discovery.

“It could be the best ghost sighting ever, I haven’t seen anything that would match that at all,” he said.

Experts say the long-coated figure maybe the best proof yet found that ghosts do exist.

Skeptic’s say that the CCTV image is of someone in a long coat playing a prank.

The palace was built about 500 years ago and has seen many dramatic royal events from the death of Henry’s third wife, Jane Seymour, to the house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery.

Over the years visitors, staff, workmen and residents have experienced supernatural events for which there is often no rational explanation.

In what has been nicknamed the Haunted Gallery, people claim to have seen the ghost of Catherine Howard, and heard her uttering terrible cries…..





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