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Coronation Street’s New Set Maybe Haunted

by cnkguy
Coronation Street’s New Set Maybe Haunted

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Coronation Street's New Set Maybe Haunted

Coronation Street’s New Set Maybe Haunted

It seems there have been plenty of strange goings on at the new set of Coronation Street.

The hit soap opera recently moved from their Manchester location to a new $10 million set built at Salford Quays right next door to the Manchester ship canal.

Since filming began at the new location the cast and crew have been hit by a string of bad luck, such as being hit by a flu outbreak, loosing badly at the British Soap Awards last month, and many of the shows stars have left such as Craig Charles, Alison King, and Chris Gascoyne.

Now the actors and crew are starting to blame the bad luck on a curse and believe that the many men who were killed during the construction and operation of the Manchester ship canal are now wandering the set.

The canal is 36 miles long and was built between 1887 to 1894, numerous workers were killed during the construction although exact figures are unknown.

But the deaths didn’t end there and over the year countless numbers of bodies have been pulled from the canal waters.

And in the past 6 year alone there have been 61 bodies recovered from the canal prompting officials to suspect that a serial killer maybe at work which locals have give the nickname #ThePusher.

So the people at Coronation Street may not far of the mark with one worker saying, “It may sound far-fetched, but people are openly saying the site is haunted.”

“Every time something goes wrong the cry goes up, ‘We are cursed.’”

“At first it was seen as a joke but believe it or not, some have convinced themselves it is true.”

“It has even been suggested, albeit lightheartedly, that an exorcist should be invited on to the set.”

“It just seems to be one thing after another.”

“Whether it is down to ghosts or just bad luck, we could certainly do with a change of fortune.”






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