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Haunted Furniture Exists!

by cnkguy
Haunted Furniture Exists!

Haunted Furniture Exists!

Haunted Furniture Exists!

Haunted Furniture Exists!

Ever happened upon a creepy old piece of furniture? Well you may be wise to stay clear of it, because furniture can become haunted!

The chest in the above photo is believed to be haunted after a curse was placed on it by friends of a murdered slave.

It was in the mid 19 century that Jacob Cooley is said to have killed a slave named Hosea after the chest he build for him failed to meet his expectations.

Hosea’s fellow slaves took vengeance on him and his family by getting a local conjurer to place a curse on the chest.

It’s said that the curse caused 17 deaths, including Jacob’s first born son. The curse is believed to have been lifted from the chest by another conjure woman, and it now is kept at the Kentucky History Museum.

haunted bunk beds

Another on is the haunted bunk bed in Wisconsin which was bought by Alan and Debbie Tallman from a local used furniture shop in 1987.

Bringing there piece home it was set up in kids room for them to use, which led to 9 months of terror for the family.

It started with radios suddenly turning on by themselves, next it was the kid getting ill and they claimed at night they would see the image of a witch.

Alan and Debbie turned to their pastor for help which seemed to work until Christmas 1988 when Alan heard a voice calling him from the garage.

When he went to investigate, he was terrified to witness an blazing inferno before it simply vanished!

haunted chair

Pennsylvania’s ‘chair of death’ is the most famous of hundreds of priceless historical artifacts kept at Baelroy Mansion in Philadelphia.

The chair is about 200-year old and is believed to have once belonged to Napoleon, but now a ghost is said to haunt the antique piece of furniture.

The ghost of a young woman named Amelia is said to appear in a blue haze, and 4 people who have sat in it are known to have died shortly afterwards.

It’s said that anyone who sits in that chair will die! Would you dare to sit in it?



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