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CCTV Camera spy’s Castle Ghost

by cnkguy
CCTV Camera spy’s Castle Ghost


Ghost caught on CCTV camera

CCTV Camera spy’s Castle Ghost

A shadowy figure is seen on a CCTV camera installed in a 400-year-old castle in Czech Republic that was once used as a Nazi concentration camp.

The castle is now used as a museum for local history and has been plagued by a rash of objects mysterious disappearing from a closed exhibition.

In this video, a shadowy figure appears to move in front of the camera when all rooms were locked and closed and there are no more workers in the museum.

The castle built in the 17th century, is located in the Czech town of Ostrov, which was captured by the Nazis in 1939 and turned into a concentration camp for Czech resistance fighters and opponents to the regime.

After objects started to vanish, the CCTV footage was reviewed and the ghostly figure was spotted on the footage from the 12th and 14th of February.

The story was published in local media after the museum staff reported the matter to the police.

The camera that catch the footage is in the exhibition room where treasures belonging to the former castle owners the Schlick family are on exhibit.

Franz Joseph Heinrich Graf Schlik zu Bassano und Weisskirchen was born in 1789 in Prague and was once the owner of the castle.

He came from a noble Czech-German family and his father Count Joseph Heinrich Schlick was an Austrian imperial ambassador to the Danish kingdom and also in the German state of Hessen.

Franz Heinrich served in the Austrian army, and later he became a general in the army fighting against Napoleon, playing a major role in Aspern in 1809 when Napoleon suffered a defeat for the first time.

The count lost his right eye in 1813 in the battle of the nations in the German city of Leipzig when he fought against Napoleon’s soldiers.

Retiring from his army career in 1859, he died several years later in the Austrian capital Vienna in 1862 in age of 72.

Castle Ostrov in Czech Republic

The castle’s tour guide Jana Dvorakova was interviewed by Czech TV Nova, and said, “I would never go there alone, not now. I must admit I never had a good feeling about the place and now I am afraid.”

Paranormal investigator Hana Mackeova, who was called to look into the matter, said, “I felt some negative zones in some rooms.”

“Something is definitely wrong there.”

“I was very weak, felt sick and I had to leave.”

Local council employee Zuzana Zelezna, who has an office in the castle, said; “The ghost removes objects at night. We know that because nobody cleans the rooms affected.”

“According to family legends Franz Joseph Heinrich Schlik carried a silver box always with him, even into battles.”

“The silver box was a case for important documents and coins.”

“The legend says that he has been guarding his silver box even after his death.”

The Count is reported to have been a popular figure during his lifetime, introducing educational reforms and developing both local agriculture and the economy.




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