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Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

by cnkguy
Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

Ghost lurking in bushes

Ghost lurking in bushes

Ghost Photographed at Local Suicide Spot

This image was captures by a member of ghost hunting group called the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, while he was hiking in Queensland, Australia.

Brokc David was hiking in a national park near Goomburra, Toowoomba, in rural Queensland, where he had that creepy feeling that he was being watched.

Brokc said he didn’t see anything when he took the picture and only discovered the image of the man while looking through his photos from the days hike.

Posting the image on his Facebook, he shared his experiences of the day with the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers group saying that he’s been feeling haunted ever since he snapped the photo.

The post reads, “All of a sudden he felt as though he was being watched and followed and he felt an awful feeling of dread wash over him.”

“Then when going back through his photos he found this.”

“Bear in mind this is the middle of bushland, it’s rare to see something so large and ‘red’ and other hikers would be dressed differently.”

“Oddly enough I’ve been experiencing a similar feeling of dread every once in a while over the last week.”

“I’ll be walking down the street and all of a sudden feel like something is about to jump out at me from behind a tree,” he wrote online.”

The group said that hikers frequent the area and it rare to see anybody wearing a red shirt like the man in the photo and they believe it the ghost of someone that had committed suicide in that area.




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