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The Nevada Exchange Hotel

by cnkguy
The Nevada Exchange Hotel

Preston Castle, California

National Hotel, Nevada-City

The Nevada Exchange Hotel

Nevada City, California became a town during the Gold Rush years. Gold prospectors come to the area along Deer Creek and staked a claim in 1849 just a year after the find at nearby Sutter’s Mill, which started the California Gold Rush.

The town’s first hotel, saloon, stagecoach stop, and mail center was called Bicknell’s Block. The original building burnt down and was rebuilt. The new building eventually became known as the Nevada Exchange Hotel and it has an interesting history and is claimed to be haunted.

One female ghost has been seen in the hotel’s bar area and restroom. It seems she owed a man some money, unfortunately for her she refused to pay him. One night this man broke into Room 48 and hid in the closet so the story goes. When the lady returned to her room he slit her throat. She still haunts this room even today.

Another ghost seen at the National is that of a little girl named Elizabeth, it is said she died of a childhood illness, probably mumps while staying in a room on the third floor. Many guests at the hotel have claimed to have felt her presence in Room 78. Strange knocking noises have been heard in this room. Elizabeth is seen playing and running in the 3rd floor hallways.

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