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See inside the Beverly Hills Witch House

by cnkguy
See inside the Beverly Hills Witch House

Laeken Cemetery (Brussels, Belgium)
The Witch's House with owner Michael Libow

See inside the Beverly Hills Witch House

The famous Witch House of Beverly Hills owner Michael J. Libow talks to CNN about his house and what’s it like to live there.

The house was build by Hollywood director Harry Oliver in 1921 and later in 1934 it was moved to it’s present location at the corner of Walden Drive and Carmelita Avenue.

The house has had several owners over the years who let the home fall into disrepair, then in 1997 Michael Libow who is a real estate agent, purchased the house and began making the needed work.

Libow lives in the house so it is off limits to sightseers but says it’s the most popular house in LA after celebrities homes.

He said the only modern day movie the house has appeared in is 1995 ‘Clueless’ saying, “It was strictly a background shot with Alicia Silverstone walking by the house. But everybody respects the home for being in that movie.”

Saying the house was a “sixties nightmare’ when he listed the house for a client in 1997, and that the only interested buyers were ones who wanted to tear it down.

Libow said the house ‘cast a spell on him’, saying, “I think it just hit me one day, and I thought, ‘You know what? Why not? Jump in; take a chance. I’m big on taking risks,” and he bought the home for himself.

It was in 2013 that the Witch’s House became an official Beverly Hills landmark, something Libow said he worked very hard to achieve.

“It gives me great joy to be able to bring joy to people who stop by to look at it,” Libow said adding that there’s always a few scared by the Witch’s House, especially children.




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