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The Truth Behind the Salem Witch Trials Revealed

by cnkguy
The Truth Behind the Salem Witch Trials Revealed

 Samuel Parris

The Truth Behind the Salem Witch Trials Revealed

The Truth Behind the Salem Witch Trials Revealed

A new book just out reveals what really happened at the Salem Witch Trials way back in 1692 and lays most of the blame on the local reverend.

The book is called Satan and Salem: The Witch-Hunt Crisis of 1692 and is written by Benjamin Ray, a religious studies professor at the University of Virginia.

We’ve all heard about the infamous Salem Witch Hunt and now thanks to the hard work of Benjamin Ray we can finally learn the truth of what happened.

It was in 1692, that mass hysteria broke out in Salem, Massachusetts, beginning one of the most terrible miscarriages of justice in American history.

The local townspeople started accusing men and women of witchcraft, and ended up by putting them on trial. In all 19 were hanged and pressed 1 to death.

Now the University of Virginia has made a map showing the towns and timing of each accusation which indicated that starting point was the home of a local reverend.

Benjamin Ray the book author said he used the universities Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription  because they are the most comprehensive digital archive of the trials anywhere.

He said about his book, “No other study has really looked to see how it developed incrementally and who the players were.”

“I realized that there was something still to be said, perhaps a new narrative, a new story.”

The map shows the hysteria as it built up after the initial witchcraft accusations, which started with Reverend Samuel Parris accusing some local towns people.

The ‘witches’ were accused of trying to establish their own Church of Satan by holding satanic masses next to the village church.


For more of these videos you can go here; TheSalemWitchMuseum

Reverend Samuel Parris arrived at the village shortly before the trouble began where he is believed to have started it by arguing that sacraments could not be given to families who were not full members of the local church.

This angered some of the local people which led to his firewood supply being cut off in October 1692 just as winter set in.

It was about this same time that Parris began to accuse the devil of starting to tearing down his church.

Soon after the trouble started Parris’s 9 year-old daughter Betty Parris and his 11 year-old niece Abigail Williams alleged that witches were meeting in the field next to their house.

Benjamin Ray says that, “Parris has been preaching about the devil, there are emergency meetings of church elders because his salary is cut off, he has to petition the government to force the village to pay him.”

“There is a lot of agitation in his house; the young, impressionable kids absorb it all, and it is not surprising that they begin to freak out.”

The accusations and hysteria spread from there into the frenzy that saw more than 150 people accused of witchcraft and 19 innocents people dead by hanging and 1 was crushed to death.

Ray said most of the accusers were daughters of church members, while most of the accused didn’t belong to the church.

Ray goes on to say, “There is a kind of fanaticism here that is both of church and state, because of fear.”

“And this is not the only time that it has happened in American history; in fact, it becomes a kind of an American paradigm.”







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