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Haunting Australia investigates North Kapunda Hotel

by cnkguy
Haunting Australia investigates North Kapunda Hotel

North Kapunda Hotel hallway

North Kapunda Hotel in Australia

Haunting Australia investigates North Kapunda Hotel

Located in South Australia, the North Kapunda Hotel opened in 1849 as a pub and hotel, and is famous for being the only place in Australia to have had the Riot Act read from its balcony.

It’s close proximity to the near by copper mines made the hotel a favorite spot for the local miners quickly becoming a ‘house of ill-repute’, where miners can have a girl, a meal, and a drink, then head back to work.

Now known as the most haunted pub in Australia, The North Kapunda Hotel is home to many ghost and spirits, thought to be ex-residents, publicans, ladies of the night, and miners. The activity in the hotel was recently documented on Haunting: Australia, including an alleged possession of one cast member.

Rayleen Kable, one of the members of the ghost haunting team, said that the most disturbing experience she has ever had was here at the notorious North Kapunda Hotel when a restless male spirit tried to attach itself to her in the hotel hallway.

“It was definitely a male spirit, but I wouldn’t say a happy male spirit,” she said.

Allen Tiller, leader of the group, said he and other tour guests had their own encounters with ghosts while at hotel. One guest even captured an image of what he believes is the ghost of a man standing the corner of the hotel’s basement.

North Kapunda Hotel ghost

Tiller said that the most interesting experience he had at the Kapunda Hotel was catching what he thinks is evidence of the ghost of a young girl named ‘Sarah’. The hotel was once a brothel, and legend says that a prostitute was murdered inside the hotel and her young daughter ‘Sarah’ was taken in by the hotel’s madam.

Tiller said, “I was closing up the top of hotel after a tour and I saw a little girl standing in hallway. She ran down the hall to take her out of the hotel and she looked solid… she was laughing.”

Adding, “She’s been seen multiple times.”

“You can say “Are you here Sarah?” and she’ll light up different devices.”




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Ghost Hunter Investigates Asylum

by cnkguy
Ghost Hunter Investigates Asylum

Ghost Hunter Allen Tiller

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Ghost Hunter Investigates Asylum

Ghost Hunter Allen Tiller has set out to investigate some of Australia’s most haunted places. Along with his assistant, Medium Rayleen Kable they checked out the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Australia.

While filming for the TV show, Haunting: Australia they captured these spooky images of what appears to be a child.

Tiller said that the image seems to be of a small girl kneeling on the floor of the old asylum in the notorious Grevillia Wing.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

The Grevillia wing of Beechworth was where patients were given electric shock treatments and kept in strait jackets while at the institution, which was in operation from 1867 to 1995.

Past visitors to the asylum have reported sightings of the ghost of a male doctor and also of a female matron. But Tiller said some of the female patients of Beechworth had children with them, providing an explanation as to what he believes is in the photograph.

Tiller said he has his own firsthand haunting experience at Beechworth, in a section of the asylum known as the ‘bull pen’.

He said, “It used to house violent youths aged from 18 to 25, and in there I heard a door slamming, and I audibly hear footsteps go up the hallway.”

“Then we had clear EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) of a couple of people say ‘Get out.'”

Tiller uses a whole range of gadgets including full spectrum cameras, electromagnetic field detectors and voice recorders to gather ‘evidence’ of the spirit world.

Rayleen Kable said her experience at Beechworth was “amazing” and “It’s definitely got activity and lots of it.”

Tiller went on to say that the Beechworth Asylum is the one of the spookiest visits he has ever made.




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