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Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

by cnkguy
Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

AETBX – A DVD containing this creepy video was delivered to a Swedish teck blog, and Johny from GadgetZZ, who claims it has a hidden messages in it. The two minute video shows a person dressed in a 16th century plague-era doctor’s outfit, with the scary bird-like black mask and black shroud.

Watching the video you will see it’s very jumpy and at time appears grainy, plus you can see the creepy figure raise it’s hand, showing the palm to the camera.

On it’s palm is some kind of a light which seems to flash on and off as if in some kind of code.

The audio that is on the video sounds like a lot of white noise but experts say it’s much more than that as it contains hidden messages using a technique known as steganography.

So far they have uncovered one message that says ‘You are already dead’ as well as several pictures, one of a woman that is tied up and possibly being tortured.

Some Reddit users have determined the flashing is in fact Morse code which translates to the phrase ‘RED LIPSLIFE TENTH’ and the numbers 38.897709, -77.036543, which are the coordinate of the White House.

Further investigation has uncovered that this isn’t the first time the video has been uploaded to the Internet. It has been put on YouTube at least twice before, with the first version posted on the account of a user named AETBX that version includes a watermark that the other did not have.

Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

The video’s title and description is in binary code and when translate into Spanish it reads ‘Muerte’, which means Death.

And the description reads “Te queda 1 año menos,” which means “You have one year left, or less.”

When the Youtube account hold of AETBX was reached he said that a girl he knows ‘found it in a park outside Spain’ on a disc, and then sent him the file over the internet.

When asked if he had sent it to GadgetZZ in Sweden he denied it saying, “I think that is absolutely false because the video is spreading through the internet. Anyone can fake a DVD.”

He went on to say that he put a watermark on the video he put on Youtube, and that the other ones do not have that mark so that proves he’s not the original creator.

Creepy Youtube Video Contains Hidden Messages

So if not him then WHO made this video and why? Some have speculated that it’s simply a marketing ploy possibly for Dan Brown’s new novel Inferno or Syfy series 12 Monkeys.

One man posting on Godlike Productions wrote, ‘Before I saw the embedded images, while listening to the actual audio, I felt sick and turned it off after a few seconds.’

‘I felt sensations corresponding to the images of the women tortured, namely pressure and tingling in my gut, cheeks, throat and lower legs and hands/wrists.’

‘Perhaps this is a way to identify and screen empaths… serial killers in an effort to help find and stop them.’

Or perhaps it has a much more sinister meaning…..




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