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Superstitions About Death,Burial and CemeteriesA corpse should…

Superstitions About Death,Burial and Cemeteries

A corpse should leave any home or building feet-first, or else the corpse would be looking back at the building and calling for someone within to follow him in death.

Touching the corpse will ensure that the ghost of the dead will not haunt you. A variation says that touching the corpse on the forehead assures you will not dream of the dead.

Taking a corpse to the cemetery in your own vehicle is extremely bad luck.

The corpse should not pass over any part of the same road twice.

If the funeral procession stops on its way to the cemetery, another death will soon follow.

Counting the cars in a funeral procession is ill advised, as it is said you are simply counting the days until your own death.

Take care that you do not see your reflection in a hearse, or you will be the next to be carried in it.

Going ahead of the funeral procession or passing a funeral procession is very bad luck, and death will soon follow if you do. It used to be believed that carrying a baby in a funeral procession would ensure that it would die before its first birthday.

If a black cat crosses in front of a funeral procession, there will be a death in the family of the deceased within three days.

Some fascinating American superstitions involve the burial of people who have been murdered. Some believed that burying the victim face-down would prevent the murderer from leaving the area in which the victim was buried. Others believed that burying the liver separately from the body would ensure that the murderer would be caught near the place the liver was buried!

Graves should be dug east to west. Superstition over time has varied on which direction the head should be laid. Many say the head of the deceased should be laid towards the west. In general, it is so the soul will not be lost at the Resurrection. One reason given for this is so the dead won’t have to turn around when Gabriel blows the trumpet during revelation. Still others believe the head should face the east, as that is the direction of the star that shone at the birth of Jesus.

Graves should never be left open overnight. It will lead to another death. It is ideal to dig and close a grave all on the day of the burial.

If a grave is left open over Sunday, another death will occur before the next Sunday.

The shovels and other tools used to dig a grave used to be left at the grave site for a day or more after the burial, as moving them too soon would bring bad luck (AA).

If the casket slips while it is being lowered into the grave, another death will soon follow.

Leaving the grave before it is filled will welcome another death to follow.

If it rains into the open grave, bad luck will come to a member of the deceased’s family.

Likewise, being the first to leave the cemetery is bad luck and could bring you death. Another similar superstition stated that the sex of the first person to leave the cemetery would be the sex of the next person to die.

Another member of the family will soon die if the earth covering a grave sinks in.

It is bad luck to step over a grave, and bad luck to point at a grave.

Visiting a cemetery after dark will bring you bad luck.

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Superstitions About Death,Burial and CemeteriesA corpse should…

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