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Submissions Now Closed & Admin Update 11/16

As of this posting, it is now 11/16/2015, so the Fall 2015 Open Submission Period has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who sent in their stories over the past three months! I will announce the next open period after I’ve made more progress through the queue and have a better idea of when we’ll need more stories.

I am, mostly, back from my short break. I want to thank you all for being understanding while I dealt with my loss. At the risk of getting too personal, this was someone who was extremely important to me and I’m still having trouble with everything, so I hope you guys understand if, at first, I filter the submissions I read based on keywords – for example, I may skip reading submissions tagged in the ‘Murders/Death’ category until I think that it won’t be quite so difficult for me. I know that this isn’t as fair as the normal first-come, first-served way that I handle submissions, but I think that it is necessary in order for me to start tackling the queue sooner rather than later.

I want to specifically thank @HaySourApple, @ErickAlden, @sade_jewel, @Star_Kindler, Elizabeth, and Dawn and for reaching out with kind words to me during this time. It’s really appreciated, and you guys are all amazing for taking time out of your day to try and comfort a stranger. Likewise, Katherine C, Ahriannah, and The Operator deserve a lot of thanks and credit for keeping the comments section going while I was away. Well, I certainly couldn’t manage this whole operation without them, and this was just more proof as to why!

I hope to have fresh stories being published again starting within the next day or so, however this will be largely reliant on the luck of the draw. Sometimes we get a bunch of solid submissions grouped together, other times I have to go through several days’ worth of submissions before finding even one acceptable pasta. So keep your fingers crossed that I find the good stuff quickly!

Lastly, I want to express my condolences and sympathies to everyone in France, Lebanon, and Iraq who were affected by Thursday and Friday’s terrorist attacks. I wish that I had the mental clarity right now to properly express how I feel, but just know that you have all been in my thoughts and I love you guys.

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Source: Creepy Pasta

by cnkguy
Submissions Now Closed & Admin Update 11/16

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