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Staring over the fire.

obeahmanikin submitted 

It was a quiet night, the moon was full, or near full, and illuminated the wooded area around the firepit behind my friend’s house in the county of Dinwiddie, Virginia. We were sitting around the fire, my back was too the house and facing the trees. I was in a good mood, calm and content. I was staring at that space above the fire, right between the flames at the waves of heat when some movement caught my eye. I calmly watched as a scene unfolded before me, the hazy white actors playing a scene long forgotten in the past.

I spied a girl, running through the woods parallel to the house. She looked young, possibly under 10 years old. Behind her was a large man, the aura of a soldier coming from him with a hand axe gripped tightly in his fist. A silent scream and she tripped, scrambling to get back up and get away from her pursuer. She was not quick enough, he brought his axe down, embedding it into the young girl’s chest. I didn’t wince, I was too transfixed. My body frozen in time as the scene played out.

He wrenched the axe from her chest and he brought it back over his head. Then he brought it down, this time the blade splitting her skull in twain.

The girl disappeared into the undergrowth, leaving the panting soldier above her. Then I blinked and they were gone.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Creepy! Have you had other experiences like this? 5/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Staring over the fire.

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