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mo-fain submitted:

I don’t personally find this very scary, but it’s a bit weird. Around 5 years ago I moved into my current house, and it’s quite a bit bigger than my last house. Being very superstitious, I spent my first few weeks here cleansing the place with magic, as we are a very long line of Celtic magicians.

In the basement there’s a really deep hole that leads to the house sewer system with a flimsy wooden lid that was glued down. Just being around the hole gives all of us the chills, so we are extra careful about it. At night, being the only one who sleeps down there and I don’t have proper walls, I can hear scratching from beneath the lid and the glue keeping it on is slowly peeling away. We can’t seem to banish the thing, so instead we hold it in the highest respects. At night I have gotten into the habit of walking past the hole and saying goodnight to it. On loud days, ‘Spoonman’ gets really loud at night and pounds on the lid, unless we set out a saucer of cream just beside the hole.

The only thing that really creeps my out about Spoonman is that once I fell asleep in the basement living room just beside his hole. I woke up late that night with something curled around my body and purring like a cat, and the lid was off the hole. When morning came, the lid was back on, but the entire right side of the glue ring was peeled up. And I smelled awful.

P.S. We call the thing Spoonman because it seems to really enjoy the song ‘Spoonman’ by Soundgarden

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 This is super strange, dude.  I dig it.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




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