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Spirits Roam Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees

The Tunnel of Trees in northern Michigan is a scenic stretch of highway (M-119) that winds along the shore of Lake Michigan. By day, the 20-mile stretch of highway is beautiful and tranquil. By night, evil spirits and anguished souls reportedly roam the area.

Devil’s Elbow

Near the town of Harbor Springs is a sharp turn known as Devil’s Elbow. According to local legend, the devil scooped out an enormous hollow after a plague ravaged the Ottawa (Odawa) Indian tribe. Now, they say, the site is home to an evil spirit. A historical marker erected at Devil’s Elbow reads:

Those who dare venture into the woods after dark, hear disembodied voices or the sound of distant drumming. Some say the drums sound each time a person dies in or around Lake Michigan. Reports of orbs and mysterious lights are also common, or so the stories go.

Car Trouble

Navigating the windy M-119 is challenging enough by day, but night presents a new set of problems. Some motorists experience mysterious mechanical issues while driving along the Tunnel of Trees after dark.

“I would highly recommend against driving alone down the Tunnel of Trees,” said one such motorist in the book Weird Michigan.”Once, when I was just past Devil’s Elbow, my car went completely haywire. At the exact same time, my engine cut out and all the electrical systems turned on. I had to wait for a tow truck for 40 minutes. And on that road, there’s nothing to do but sit around and think about which evil spirit jumped inside your engine.”

Is the Tunnel of Trees truly haunted, or are the stories nothing more than fanciful tales? Take a light-night drive and see for yourself.

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Spirits Roam Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees

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