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Somethings are best left forgotten.

HalfaHeart submitted:

I have had many different experiences growing up with a mix of ghost/ufo and such and I  have memories on all those things…..except one. Years ago when I was little, I lived in Alberta and me and two of my other sisters shared the two bedrooms down in the basement next to the laundry. I remember going to bed and then being the last one to wake up in the morning and I felt like I had a great sleep. But when I came upstairs to have breakfast with my family I noticed all of them were looking at me strangely, I asked “what?” and they replied “are you okay?” I said said yes and they continued to stare. They then asked me “do you remember anything about last night? “remember what? I went to bed, fell asleep fast and woke up and now eating, what’s going on?” “you really don’t remember?” I asked again “what?”. They told me that late last night they found me huddled into a little ball in the closet shaking and rocking and couldn’t talk I was so scared. I didn’t believe them at first because there is no way that could of happened I would remember something like that. But my sisters and parents were not joking…I must have gotten so scared that I lost memory of it. To this day I still haven’t recovered that memory no matter how hard I try, sometimes I think about going under hypnosis to unlock what really happened to me. But later after giving it some thought I changed my mind, I forgot for a reason, and I’m afraid if I do this, that there is no unseeing it. That maybe it’s best that I leave it forgotten. It frightens me to think what was so horrible that my own mind needed to protect me by forgetting.

FYNK James: 7/10 That is a very chilling thought. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Somethings are best left forgotten.

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