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poo-sex Submitted:

About 2-3 years ago i lived in a house that i never felt comfortable in. I’d often have doors closing on me, and hear cupboards opening and closing; one time my dog got so scared over whatever she had seen that she peed herself, she also attacked something in the middle of our hallway one night and then coward away, but dad and i never found it what it was that she was making the fuss over.

One night i had 2 other friends over; Steff and Olivia. We were getting tired, (i don’t remember what time it was that we finally went to sleep, but considering we were on school holidays, i’m gathering it was late), so we ended up sleeping in my lounge room. I was on a mattress on the ground, and Steff and Olivia slept on either side of my couch. I had my hands up near my head, on my pillow, with my palms facing upwards. As i was just about asleep, i felt this strange gush of air brush over my palms. I gathered it was nothing as we were near a window, and went straight to sleep.

In the morning i was the first out of us three who was awake. I didn’t want to disturb Steff and Olivia so i quietly walked out to my study and just scrolled through bebo (it was a big site at the time). When Olivia finally woke up, she walked out into the study with a weird look on her face and quietly told me that right before she fell asleep last night, that she saw a shadow move past where i was sleeping. I was excited because it meant that I actually felt something that didn’t have a rational excuse, but then I realised that i actually felt something that didn’t have a rational excuse. After Steff came out she told Olivia and I that she had heard something move past her right before she fell asleep. Steff heard it, Olivia saw it, and i felt it. They weren’t the first friends of mine that had seen a figure in my previous house, but i’m sure as hell glad that i no longer live there.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Moderator Gracie: 3/10 I’m glad nothing bad happened to you and your friends.Thanks for the chills!




by cnkguy

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