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Something was thumping on my door

readingalcove submitted:

Background info- About four years ago, my husband went away for a few months to upgrade in his trade, and I was home alone for that time. I don’t get out much, especially without someone to take me out, so I spent a lot of time indoors. We lived in a basement suite, with roads on two sides of the house and an alley on one, then the basement door and back yard faced the neighbouring house. The door had a semicircle window near the top that I could look out if I stood on tiptoe. Also, nothing about the house changed and I lived down there until this spring without another incident, so I think I can rule out environmental factors as a cause. BC Canada, lower mainland. Spring.

One day, while he was away, I spent the whole day in. Starting in the early afternoon, I kept hearing sets of four thumps. Thum-thump, thum-thump, spaced like that. I didn’t think much of it, it sounded like a heavy truck hitting a speed bump or a pothole (thum hitting the bump with the wheel, then thump of the wheel landing on the other side, and then the same with the hind wheel). It rattled the house a bit, but it was a shitty suite and a lot of things did. It wasn’t constant, but I thought it was odd for so many trucks to be going by, especially as it got later and traffic thinned.

Even as it got quite late, it continued, if anything growing more frequent, and I remember being annoyed, but I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up to pounding and everything shaking. I thought it was an earth quake, the most severe I’d ever felt. I tried to find my phone, so I could check and text my partner, but couldn’t find it, and slowly became aware that the shaking and pounding were still to that same pattern, and that it was on the door. BANGBANG BANGBANG, more rapid and louder than before.

I figured it was someone looking for the previous tenant, but I didn’t want to open the door to cops (cops came to my previous apartment looking for the old tenant) or someone looking for a fight, so I kept all the lights off so no one could see that I was there, and crept up to the front door. I couldn’t see anyone through the window, but my eye level just met the bottom of the frame (I’m short), so I could only have seen someone taller than me. I figured they were crouching, hiding.

Still trying to be really quiet, I kicked all the shoes by the door into a pile, and stepped up onto them, getting myself just the few inches more that I needed to look out and down, and expected to see someone crouching with a weapon, or some uniform cop, also crouching with weapons.

Instead, there was a kid outside. He was impossibly white with dark hair; he looked greyscale and almost like he was glowing in the moonlight, and he was absolutely whaling on the door with both fists, with strength that felt like it would rattle it off its hinges; completely unnatural strength for someone(something) that small.

I’m witchy, so I thought somehow that could help, but I was too tired to think, and it was too dark to find anything (I was still trying to be inconspicuous), so I just gathered all the energy I could muster and mentally (/spiritually?) pushed.

In the morning I woke up on my bed, wearing my housecoat, on top of the covers, with my bedroom door wide open. I didn’t go to bed that way, I never do. The shoes were still in a messy pile by the door. I’ve never sleep walked, I had no instances of sleep paralysis within years of that incident, and I rarely remember dreams for more than a few minutes.

It’s both the scariest paranormal experience I’ve had and the hardest for me to debunk.

James: 8/10 That went in a direction I wasn’t quite expecting. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Something was thumping on my door

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