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Something in the Bedroom


Anonymous Submitted:

Could you keep this anonymous if possible?

My mother remarried when I was about sixteen and I was often left babysitting my four-year-old brother (my mom and stepdad seemed to have more plans than me now that I think about it). One Saturday afternoon, I had apparently fallen asleep while watching Spongebob with my little brother because I woke up when it had been getting dark to the sound of him screaming upstairs. Disoriented and afraid of what I had let him do, I sprinted upstairs. The sound of his screaming had been coming from our parent’s room. He was crying when I picked him up in my arms. I asked him what was wrong and he told me there was a monster in the closet. The hairs on my arms raised but I shook it off as his imagination. It was probably a dark coat or something. I told him I’d go check (he was in my arms but his head was on my shoulder so he was facing the other way). I walked into our parents room, and then turned to face the open door of the closet.

There was someone inside. A towering figure, facing the other way. It was wearing teal and what appeared to be painters clothes and its head was kind of hunched over at an odd angle, and its hair was long and scraggly. I froze as it slowly began to turn towards me.I shuddered and blinked, seeing the paleness of its face. And after I blinked, it was gone. I looked around the closet, and there was no longer anybody inside, but for a while afterwards, I felt a presence, as if being watched.

James: 9/10: That is one weird and unappealing apparition. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Something in the Bedroom

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