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Someone heard me that night

aroseamongtheashes submitted:


This experience I am going to tell is not terrifying or spooky, but one of the most beautiful things that have happened in my life. 

I was like 19 years old (2010) and I had a friend who suffered lung cancer. She told me the doctors said she wouldn’t live more than three months, and I stayed by her side until the last day of her young life  (she did at the age of 17).

She lived in South America and I am from Spain, so I would keep awake until very late at night or just let the computer on all night to receive her messages, overall when I felt things were getting worse. Unfortunately, the tragic day came and at 4:30 am I received the message from her grandma that she had passed away.

I fell on my knees, it was very, very painful. But, anyway, I felt I was happy, I was (and I am) so affortunate to have had the opportunity to meet someone like her. She was wonderful and marvellous. 

Then, I went to the kitcken where we have a big window. I looked towards the sky and I thanked God: “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have met a so wonderful person like her. Thank you, God. Thank you.”

At that moment, all the lights of the street went out.

I don’t believe in coincidences.  

I know someone heard me that night.

FYNK James: 1 (for scares) /10: This was really sweet. It sounds like quite an experience and I’m glad you had that friendship.




by cnkguy
Someone heard me that night

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