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So I got through Thanksgiving.

I dressed to the nines ‘cos I can’t deal with parties or people  if I don’t. (I have a sterling silver ivy leaf crown that cost me half a month’s rent. It was worth every penny – I get to look like some chronically messed-up Pre-Raphaelite elf…) 

Didn’t eat – bit of a mistake. Cooked and chatted and was social whilst main-lining coffee, ‘cos – tired. But eventually it got too much and I went outside to hide and cry. 

The UK doesn’t have Thanksgiving; historically, it was never a thing that happened to us, so no, no holiday. (Many Americans seem very confused by this and I don’t know why?) 

But the inaccuracy apparently didn’t matter. It was a foreign holiday my family has never celebrated, yeah, but it was somehow like the ghosts of Christmas past: the first big festive family gathering without either of my parents. 

And it hurt – very inconveniently – like someone trying to tear out my sternum when I’d still like to breathe. But I managed to hide and didn’t have an utter breakdown or stab myself and I returned to the party and somehow made small-talk so that counts as a definite win.

(I’m tired. I hope your holidays or non holidays didn’t leave you as tired. And I hope you got to talk to those you wanted to talk to – and avoided those you needed to.)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
So I got through Thanksgiving.

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