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Anonymous submitted:

I would prefer to be kept anonymous if that is all right with you.

For context, I live at home with my parents and nobody else. One night, I woke really thirsty for some odd reason. I checked the clock to see it was 2:13 in the morning. After a while I got up out of bed, used the bathroom, then started down the stairs on my way toward the kitchen. I realized I could hear snoring, and it was not coming from my parents room. A low, sonorous hum coming from the downstairs. I paused to make sure it was in fact coming from downstairs, and it was. I wondered if my mother had kicked my father out for the night or if someone had sleepwalked downstairs, but my father didn’t snore that loudly, nobody in the family did. I took a few more steps down, and it began to sound like less of a snore, and almost like a hum whose melody rose and fell. At this point I began to feel as if I must be half dreaming (if not all dreaming). I kept walking down for whatever reason, turning on the flashlight on my phone. The hum began to sound more and more like a sound the closer I got to the living room.

When I turned the corner into the living room, it fell silent. But I could see a figure sitting on the couch and I dropped my phone. I couldn’t see its face, but it was wearing a suit. Its arms were spread out over the cushions, and one leg was casually resting upon the other. I could feel it watching me, angrily, violently hating me. I wanted to scream but I felt too choked up. I threw my fist at the light switch, and it was gone.

I have never encountered that presence again and am thankful for that.

FYNK James: 9/10 Ooh wow that is spooky stuff. I wonder if it was humming a recognizable tune. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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