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Snarky Ghost

shirookie submitted: 

I heard this story from my sister, who heard it from her colleague. The colleague, who I am assuming a girl, went on a business trip with 2 other ladies and stayed in a hotel. I think it was a really old hotel because it had a wardrobe which is not a stuck in a wall kind of wardrobe. It was quite a small room, as the wardrobe was at the end of the bed.

So they were really tired after a long day of work, and two of the girls had already gone to sleep. As the colleague was having a hard time sleeping, she tossed and turned and opened her eyes. She can’t help but look at the top of the wardrobe and saw something was sitting on top of it. It had real long flowy hair and was staring right back at her. She immediately closed her eyes, and decided to force herself to go to sleep right away.

Then suddenly, she heard a voice saying, “One’s asleep. The other one’s asleep as well. The other one? Pretending to sleep?” She then heard a laughter and it sorta faded away.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Snarky Ghost

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