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senbonzakuraa submitted:

This didn’t happen to me but to my nana who was about 10 at the time.

Nana used to live in chicago with her 3 other siblings and her mother and father. She lived on the 3rd floor of the building and it was fairly high off the ground. The children consisted of my nana, my two uncles and my aunt who is the youngest. She and my aunt shared a room while the boys shared a room. The family also shared a dog named Ralph who was known to growl/snarl at anything or anyone he didn’t know.

One night my nana was fast asleep. It couldn’t be any later than 3am. She was asleep and began to hear her name being whispered. We’re gonna call my nana Lisa (for privacy reasons).

“Lisa….Lisa….” my aunt whispered. Rubbing her tired eyes finally answering my aunts call she looked up to find a shadow man standing over her. A full, black figure. his eyes flowed and his smile stood out from the night. He didn’t harm her, he didn’t say anything. He just smiled. My nana paralyzed with fear could only call for her father but at a whisper. She says the man/figure stared at her and only her for 30 minutes before he went over the the window in between the beds, UNLOCKED it and jumped from the third story. The alarm was triggered and her father came running in. Her father says that all the windows and doors were locked. The closet was closed and Ralph who witnessed the entire ordeal from the doorway didn’t bark once.

She still to this day doesn’t know what or who that was. It made me completely uncomfortable for her.

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