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Small ghosts


Ghosts of memories, encoded in the smooth hollows of stone steps or the worn bannister by the locked door; the ashy spirits of burned letters; those of which nothing remains but the sound of footsteps; ghosts who sigh through the motion of trees; tiny squeaky mouseghosts that have gathered round the python’s cage at midnight; the lost ends of trains of thought, darting through into the distance like firefly-trails; the ghost of a chance; fish-ghosts that slap against the edges of dry wells; those of irreplaceable small objects, hanging around in the place where the objects aren’t; pebble-ghosts, indistinguishable from pebbles apart from when a sprained ankle results; poltergeists that have shrunk almost to nothing over the years, but which are still discernable because they are haunting a pot of glitter; those of souls obliterated but for a fingerbone in a box of trinkets and the ghost finger that follows behind; the ghosts of lost marbles; antghosts by the billions, trailing through food unseen, perpetually surprised that they cannot pick it up.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Small ghosts

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