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Small Car Filled With Ghost.


shysummerwinds submitted:

Back in 2014 me and my uncle went to pick up my grandmother at the airport,And since it was a few Kilometers away and was pretty late there were only a few cars on the road,12 i counted.As we traveled there was a angkot in front of us,for those who don’t know,Angkot’s are a public transportation in Indonesia,think of them as a taxi van sized bus,i looked inside since the lights were on and noticed how packed it was,i could even see the shape of a leg sticking out of the door.

I saw a little girl tugging on whom i presumed was her mother,and then pointed at me.She must have seen me from the light coming from my phone i was using,wanting to be nice i decided to wave at her,she smiled and waved back.My uncle was grumbling about how slow it was going and decided to go around it,before we went past it i decided to give it one last look and was horrified about what i saw.

The inside of the vehicle was completely empty,no person sitting by the door,no lady and no little girl.Then there was the driver,the driver was an old man,his face was white as paper and his grin,his terryfing grin was so wide.I was praising the heavens when my uncle sped up,after calming down i asked my uncle if he saw anything strange about the angkot,his words haunt me till this day.

“You mean that Crashed car that was being towed earlier?”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 Oh my goodness. This one was very different. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Small Car Filled With Ghost.

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