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Sloss Furnace

Sloss Furnace, Alabama
Sloss Furnace, Alabama

The Sloss Furnace

The Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama is one of the scariest places on Earth. In 1882, this particular industrial establishment began transforming the coal and various types of ore that was located in the area into steel. This steel was used for a variety of things, such as skyscraper construction, automobile construction, and other projects. Today, it is believed that several spirits haunt the Sloss Furnace, and that is why it is thought to be one of the scariest places on Earth.  

James Withers Sloss constructed the furnaces that are now called the Sloss Furnace. Construction was completed in 1881, and the first operation started in the following year. When it opened in 1882, the furnace was referred to as ‘City Furnaces’. In the 1920 the furnaces were refurbished and  modernized. It was at this time that at least 500 people were employed by there and they were producing steel at the rate of 400 tons daily.

The men who worked at the furnace also lived at the facility. Colored and white men both worked in the furnace. Until the time of the 1960’s there was a high degree of segregation at the facility. There were different time clocks, bathing houses, and eating areas. Despite being separated by color, the workers at the furnace were united in their work. They worked in severe conditions. The temperatures were very hot and the other factors of the jobs were extremely dangerous. Several hundred men died as a result of working at this facility.

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Sloss Furnace

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