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Slender Man drives 2 girls Insane

Slender Man with little girl

Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weier

Slender Man drives 2 girls Insane

Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weier claimed they tried to murder there classmate to please Slender Man. And now the two girls are on trial in a Wisconsin courtroom where a judge must decide is they will face attempted first degree murder as adults.

The judge was shown a sketch book full of grotesque drawing by Geyser with captions like, ‘I love killing people’, ‘not safe even in your house’, ‘he is here always’ and ‘I can never die. He is alive.’

Other of Geyser’s writings profess her admiration and devotion to the Slender Man urban myth and a list was shown along with a map which shows details of the planned crime.

As well, mutilated Barbie dolls with their arms and legs cut off were shown as evidence as the defense team tries to prove the girls are mentally unfit to stand trial as adults.

The two girls lured their victim, Payton Leutner, into the woods after inviting her to a sleep over. There she was stabbed 19 times, but managed to survive and crawl out of the woods where she was rescued back in May 2014.

Geyser’s lawyer started proceedings on Tuesday by telling the court that his client is mentally disturbed and believed she had to kill in order to protect herself and her family from Slender Man.

Morgan Geyser notebook sketch

One day two of the court hearing, psychologist Deborah Collins testified that she has interviewed the Geyser several times and said she honestly believes Slender Man does exists, saying, “Her belief hasn’t wavered and it’s been unyielding to a rational perspective.”

Collins also told the court that the girl said she uses Vulcan mind control to keep negative emotions at bay and believes that Lord Voldemort visits her when he’s not away on business trips.

Police detectives testified that both girls believed they had to kill their friend and join Slender Man in order to save themselves and their families from his anger.

Judge Michael Bohren declined to rule on anything Tuesday, asking all sides to submit briefs. He promised to issue a decision on March 13.

Morgan Geyser notebook sketch

Morgan Geyser notebook

Morgan Geyser notebook






by cnkguy
Slender Man drives 2 girls Insane

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  • Uru says:

    I’m sorry, but the title of this story does not sound right. “Slenderman Drives 2 Girls Insane”. Nonono! That is all wrong.

    For one, Slenderman wasn’t the cause for this and two, the girls aren’t insane. The reason why Slenderman isn’t the cause is because he does not exist therefore cannot have made this happen. It really was simply the admiration that the girls had for this imaginary creature that inspired the girls to do this. They wanted to prove to the world that he was real and that he existed, which isn’t probable as most likely he does not exist. And in addition to that, they wanted to live with Slender and meet the rest of the Creepypasta which supposedly lived in a mansion with Slenderman.

    I know all of this because I am the same age as them and once shared the same admiration that they do for him. Which is why I go around saying how I would like to meet them. It would be interesting to see how similar we are in ways.

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