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Sleep With Spirits at These 10 Haunted Hotels in Alabama

Ghost dogs, wandering apparitions, and the spirit of a famous outlaw are just a few of the paranormal beings you’ll encounter in these haunted Alabama hotels. Once you check in, you may never check out.

Tutwiler Hotel – Birmingham


Also known as the Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham Downtown, the historic Tutwiler is home to “the knocker,” a disruptive presence that repeatedly raps on sixth-floor guests’ doors. The hotel’s restaurant is also plagued by a mischievous spirit that flicks lights on and off and messes with appliances. One night, the spirit, or spirits, even set a table, complete with a bottle of wine. Some believe the ghost is the hotel’s namesake, Colonel Tutwiler.

Rawls Hotel – Enterprise


Childish laughter and disembodied footsteps are just two of the sounds said to be caused by Rawls’ resident ghosts. Guests and staff have also spotted children running down the hall, but find no one when they go to investigate. The spirits are apparently particular about decor as one staff member discovered when something kept removing the window treatments he’d selected.

Redmont Hotel – Birmingham

haunted redmont

A stay at the historic Redmont Hotel may include a ghostly encounter in the form of former owner Clifford Stiles, singer Hank Williams, or an anonymous woman in white on the ninth floor. Or it may take the form of a ghostly canine said to roam the halls, searching for his long-departed owner.

St. James Hotel – Selma


Legend has it Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda haunt the historic St. James Hotel in Selma. Jesse reportedly roams in and out of rooms dressed as a cowboy, while a strong lavender scent means Lucinda is nearby. A dog also barks throughout the night, disturbing guests, though no one can seem to find the hell hound.

Battle House Hotel – Mobile

haunted hotel

During renovations of what is now the Battle House Hotel, crews would discover their tools gone and their work mysteriously undone. Now, guests and staff report everything from mysterious flashes of light, faucets that turn on and off, shaking beds, and an apparition that crashes weddings at the hotel’s ballroom.

Fort Conde Inn – Mobile


Disembodied voices, feelings of dread, and clawing sounds near the floor are just a few of the strange things happening at Fort Conde Inn. The historic inn was built in 1836 and is the second-oldest home in Mobile.

Hotel Finial – Anniston

haunted hotel alabama

The historic mansion that is now the Hotel Finial (formerly The Victoria Inn and Restaurant) is reportedly home to a woman in white who aimlessly roams the upper landing. Guests and staff report hearing unexplained footsteps, glasses clinking in the bar, and piano music in empty rooms.

Greystone Hotel – Montgomery

haunted hotel alabama

Now a Hampton Inn, the Greystone Hotel is troubled by phantom phone calls and a ghostly woman on the fourth floor. Some say the woman was a jilted bride who took her own life, others claim she was a guest who met an untimely end. Staff working in the basement have also reported strange activity such as disembodied cries and clean laundry becoming inexplicably soiled.

Kate Shepard Bed & Breakfast – Mobile


Legend has it an elderly woman haunts this charming bed and breakfast, roaming the hallways and appearing in rooms late at night. Perhaps that’s why some guests report feeling an eerie presence within the walls.

Malaga Inn – Mobile


Eerie events at Mobile’s Malaga Inn include swaying chandeliers, moving furniture, and a ghostly woman in white pacing the veranda of Room 007. Lamps at the historic inn also have a strange habit of unplugging themselves when no one is looking.

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see and explore Ghost Towns



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Sleep With Spirits at These 10 Haunted Hotels in Alabama

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