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Skin-WalkerIn Navajo culture a skin-walker is a person who has…


In Navajo culture a skin-walker is a person who has the ability to transform themselves into whatever animal they desire, usually wolves, coyotes, bears and owls. They gain their abilities by committing some kind of cultural taboo and are mostly men, though it is possible to get the occasional female skin-walker.

Once a person becomes a skin-walker they usually start to hate people and this can drive them to attack and kill humans. In some stories a skin-walker will go as far as breaking into people’s houses and cars in order to attack people. Skin-walkers have also been noted to turn into other people. A simple thing like making eye contact with a skin-walker can allow them to transform into you. A tell-tale sign of a person being a skin-walker is their eyes. They will glint in light like animal eyes when they are in a human form but not when they are disguised as an animal.

To prevent skin-walkers from obtaining animal skins to change themselves the Navajo tattoo the pelts of any wolves, coyotes or bears that they obtain in order to keep track of them. Skin-walkers are near impossible to kill. They are fast, agile and impossible to catch. The only two ways to shoot a skin-walker is to dip the bullets into white ash beforehand or to shoot them while in their real, human form.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Skin-WalkerIn Navajo culture a skin-walker is a person who has…

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