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Six Monsters That May Exist

Six Monsters That May Exist:

Monsters are monsters are monsters. Big, small, hairy,
slimy, finned, clawed, two legs, four legs, or none; unknown to the world,
except to those who encounter them. Or are they unknown? Some common animals
were once myths.

The giant panda was considered a folk story told by
locals but dismissed by Western science until German zoologist Hugo Weigold saw
one in 1916.

Zoology considered the North American wood bison extinct
until a population of two hundred was stumbled upon in Alberta, Canada, in

Tribesmen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo claimed
a giant ape that killed lions and howled at the moon lived in the Bas-Uele
District. This fanciful story of a creature dubbed the Bili Ape was finally
validated by science in 1996.

Science is sometimes slow to come around because it needs
to be right; gather evidence, observe creatures, and record data. And, legends
are just that: legends. Sometimes, however, legends turn out to be true.

The okapi, the megamouth shark, the mountain gorilla: all
once considered myths, they are now in textbooks and, in some cases, zoos.

What legends are hidden in the great wide world,
slithering, waiting, lurking in the dark?

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by cnkguy
Six Monsters That May Exist

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