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She's been investigating 13 haunted lighthouses in Michigan

She’s been investigating 13 haunted lighthouses in Michigan:

Seul Choix

Located in the city of Gulliver in the Upper Peninsula, this lighthouse is considered to be one of Michigan’s “most haunted” beacons. The 78-foot lighthouse was built in 1895, and was given its French-inspired name, which translates to “only choice.” It is believed French sailors named the area Seul Choix as a place for them to seek shelter during a storm.

As many as five ghosts are believed to have visited the beacon, but the one that shows up the most is Captain Townshend.

“One hundred years after his death, Captain Townshend still enjoys a stogie inside his historic lighthouse, even though his wife, Ruth, never allowed such activity while they were alive,” Stampfler wrote. “One could almost imagine this smug ghost of a man drifting through the lighthouse puffing on his cigar without a care in the world, because, in the afterlife, his wife has no control over his smoking habits.”

Along with the smell of cigar smoke, other paranormal experiences at Seul Choix include moving furniture and faces in the mirrors.

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Source: Equinox Paranormal

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She's been investigating 13 haunted lighthouses in Michigan

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