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She Likes to Move Our Lighters

sailurmars submitted:

My friend lives in a haunted house. It’s a very widely accepted fact that there’s always been something off about it, even from the first day. It never felt menacing, aside from one scary closet that no one goes near, but you can always feel a presence, especially when you’re alone. Things move on their own, too, specifically lighters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep and very clearly placed my lighter on the windowsill or on the bedside table, only to find it behind the tv or in the shower the next morning. We’ve also heard footsteps, felt cold spots, all very typical haunting stuff.
I was alone in the house one early morning. My friend’s parents also have friends nearby, so they were there for breakfast, and my friend had run out to get the mail. I was waiting for him in the front room when I heard a small child laughing. Now, my friend had younger cousins who often visit, so I almost ignored it until I realized once again that I was completely alone.
I turned to the corner of the front room, and there was a young girl sitting on the floor, only she wasn’t really there. I saw her reflection in the tv, but there wasn’t anyone to cast it.
I didn’t get a very good look before I ran out the front door and waited for my friend to get back, and of course when we went back inside there was no sign of the girl. We did some research on the house, though, and found out that the back half, where the bedroom is, burned down a few decades ago. There were two casualties, both children. At least now we know why they move our lighters.

James: 7/10 Huh, I guess we now know. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
She Likes to Move Our Lighters

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