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She is still waiting

aroseamongtheashes submitted:

This is a paranormal experience my friend told me (and which I’ve got her permission to publish here). It happened to her some 8 years ago and nowadays I can feel her fear when she talks about it.
It was in Spain, in an abandoned asylum (psychiatric institution) in Seville. It is famous for its reported screams, laments and laughs. The neighbourhood have listened things which have even made them thought someone was being killed. And when they called the police nobody was there.
The Asylum has been abandoned for 10 years ‘til today.

She and her friend had to do an essay for a class, so they thought it was quite a good idea to ask questions in that Asylum for their essay and have a good mark. They thought it was an ordinary Asylum, so they wouldn’t have problems at getting onto the zone. My friend’s mom called there and a nun answered with a soft voice. The nun and my friend’s mom kept talking about the visiting hours to make an appointment for my friend and the other girl to go and ask some questions. Finally, the nun gave them the hour they could go there and the next day they went to the Asylum.

When my friend and the other girl arrived, they got very surprised. The Asylum was abandoned; they found the windows’ glasses broken and the building was deteriorated, dark inside and in the corners, and with no entry or exit. Everything was scattered on the floor and the ground seemed to be swallowing the walls. They didn’t understand, so they thought that maybe the Asylum was closed but still being used for other matters. With no entry, they jumped the fence and walked through the dead grass ‘til they arrived to the building.
Again, with no entry, both girls got into the Asylum. They didn’t hear a thing, nor a single bird singing around. They only could hear their own steps. They kept looking for the nun at least, but there was nobody there.

Suddenly, things started to get worse. As far as they were walking through the Asylum, both girls began to hear screams from other floors. They didn’t want to take a glance and got petrified at first. They ran to another room, but screams were also there. Soon, not only screams was everything they could hear but also laments, people crying desperately and laughs, too many laughs, as if they were having a party or, maybe too, laughing at my friend and the other girl. And nobody else was there, just both girls. Not even the nun at the telephone the day before. They literally escaped out of there and went home.
A few days later, my friend’s mom asked her how it had been. My friend confessed she didn’t want to tell anything about it because she didn’t want her mom or family to think she was crazy, but that it was terrific, and told about what happened.
Her mom was surprised, as she could not have words for it. Then she told my friend she would call again and talk with the nun, maybe she gave the wrong address. My friend agreed and both called the nun again.

The number didn’t exist.

At first they thought they dialed the wrong number, so they tried again.

The number didn’t exist.

The nun didn’t exist.

She prefers not to talk about this nor to know anything else about the Asylum. But she IS sure about one thing: she says she knows the nun is still waiting for her to go to the Asylum for her visit.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 That is super spooky.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
She is still waiting

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