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shock-1 submitted:

Me and my mother live in this apartment in NY and I’ve never slept alone, I always slept with my mother until she got married and my step-dad moved in. Now we had a problem, we didn’t have a bed or any sort of comfortable surface for me to sleep on. My father worked overtime to buy me a sofabed which was placed in our living room. It was placed on the wall opposite to our TV which I always kept on for a sense of closure, along this my turtle tank was a few feet away from the sofabed so the tanks light made me feel 100% safe.

My Mom and Dad go to work at 5 am in the morning so it’s my duty to lock the door as soon as they leave, occasionally they leave the room to bedroom open which gives me the creeps but on this particular night it seemed really off. As I was returning to the living room I looked into their room and I don’t know a wave of uneasiness overcame me and my first thought was to get into bed and hide. As I did so I closed my eyes and I started to get the feeling someone was watching me, now my back was to the TV and I was facing the walls so I saw the colors of whatever show was on dance on the wall. I fixated my gaze on the wall for whatever reason then I started to make out a shadow of a man with a hat. As soon as I realized what i was I seeing I felt something smack the sofa bed so hard I heard the springs ringing under me.Needless to say I shat a fucking brick and refused to move. I closed my eyes and attempted to fall asleep but I couldn’t because I could feel it watching me – I then had the balls to turn and look and there was no one there, no figure to make the shadow that I saw on the wall. I had this furry sheet on the sofa bed and I loved it because if you touched it or patted it down it remained flat and in the area I assume whatever that thing hit the fur was flat as if a heavy object was placed on it.

That was the only incident I had in the house but every now and then the same feeling comes to me so I tend to brush it off and try not to ponder on it.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 I appreciate your style.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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