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Anonymous Submitted:

I’ve always been different from others. I’ve seen things since i was about 7. i live in a small town in the middle of the USA, I’ve always hated the upstairs of the house i live in and i slept down stairs till i finally got the nerve to move into a extra room for privacy reasons when i was 11.I hated the closet and I didn’t really enjoy being in that room but i had to deal with it. my first nights in this room were uncomfortable. i was laying in bed and both nights i woke up at 2:56 a.m. The first night i didn’t think anything of it other than i noticed my bear was across the room and not in bed with me. So i got up and retrieved him and went to sleep. the second night I woke up to what i thought was my cat scratching my door wanting in but i looked at the door and the shadow was not that of an animal. i stayed awake the rest of the night. after that i just experienced little things and i met my best friend who I’m going to name her lila for security reasons. but lila and i had met at school and she was one of the few who knew of things that happened for she had her own experiences with it. i had just gotten a new laptop for my 12th birthday that year and it had a voice command thing on it.her and i were surfing the internet and we eventually grew hungry and bored so we asked to go to McDonald’s. I left my computer on thinking nothing would happen but when we returned we saw that in the search bar was the name Elizabeth Marrie saldia. We were both fearful for note the fact. everyone was gone and no one was home while we were gone. things grew slowly very weird after that. not only me but members in the household started hearing things and also saw things. My grandmother didn’t want to believe it as much until the day i was down in the car and lila and her were yelling up the stairs for me while seeing a similar figure at the top of the stairs. i didn’t know what was taking them so long until i decided to walk back up to the house and tell them to hurry up. when they heard my voice they turned and looked at me in shock and looked up the stairwell to tell me they saw someone upstairs. we immediately rushed up there to find the intruder but found nothing. A few nights after my friend Samantha stayed at my house and she went to the restroom in the middle of the night. i was laying in bed when i heard a thumping noise on the stairs. i got up and rushed out of my room to find her leaning into the wall at the bottom, scarred to death. i asked her what happened and she kept saying it pushed me. over and over. i looked at her and tried to help her back up but as i put her arm around me and grazed her back with my arm she collapsed in pain. i Lifted her shirt and found a very large hand print. i didn’t say anything cause i didn’t want her to go into mental shock as she was already scared. i tucked her into bed and stayed awake to access what just happened and couldn’t find a rational explanation  after that things calmed back down till i turned 13. i was asleep in my bed one night and im a very sound sleeper, but that evening about 3 in the morning i got very hot and uneasy so i woke up and was staring at my ceiling and out of the corner of my eye i noticed that my closet door was open. This was impossible for the fact i always kept it shut because of the eerie feeling it gave out when it was open. when i looked at it i saw a long haired blonde girl in the vintage era night clothes looking back at me. i was petrified, i closed my eyes fearful to see what happened next but  all i heard was the loud latch of the door shutting. I shot out of bed and turned on the lights and didn’t turn them off to sleep. After that things were back to normal. I’m 14 now and the last thing that happened to me is the reason i have sealed that closet. This recent Halloween i came home from working the haunted house in this old school which has many rumors about it. I knew they weren’t rumors because of the things i call “shadows” I’ve seen there. I was and still am scared to work there again because i was in my room working when i got sick and i went to the bath room but to get there you have to enter another part of the building that was not use in the house. this includes a dark hallway where there is nothing but darkness. that’s where they lurk. trying to hurry through that so i didn’t have to deal with them because they know i can hear them and vaguely see the back mass they create, i heard a small whisper which made me stop dead in my tracks. it was a males voice that said very clearly. “ Lizzie Cant Save You Anymore.“I wasn’t the only one in that hallway or the only one to hear that because coworker was walking out and heard that to. I can still see her eyes locked on mine in pure fear. i turned around a went to my room i didn’t want to be in that wing anymore.  when i woke up the next day i cried. my closet door was open a little bit and i had bruises and scratches all over my body. In all my life I’ve never been so scared. All i can say is your lucky you don’t have to see them, because when they find out, you’ll never be rid of them. 

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: Holy cow! 10/10 each part of this creeped me out especially the haunted house and the end i’ve always wanted to see shadows but after reading this maybe nit so much anymore. Thanks for the chills and scares!




by cnkguy

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