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askchibipandora submitted:

When I was six, We moved into a small blue house in Tacoma, Washington. Everything seemed great, until the day after my seventh birthday, I had started to have bad screaming fits in my sleep. No one knew why, and if they asked me why, I literally didn’t remember. My mother soon became worried and took me to a doctor who told us I had sleep terror or Night terror disorder. He told us that I would eventually outgrow it and such, but for just in case he told us that I needed more sleep. Living in Tacoma could be a little stressing for a seven year old.

My Night Terror continued for the next four years I lived at my house. After these four years my Mother and Father divorced and I moved with my dad and sister to a new house. I slept through the night and I didn’t have a single night terror.

Recently My Mother passed away, leaving the house in me and my siblings care. My sister who was twenty asked me if I wanted to stay the weekends over at the house, since she now owned it. Of course I replied with a yes, and I spent the following weekend over at her house.

My sister woke up to me screaming, and apparently I had another Night terror. I haven’t had a single Night Terror in nine years, since I left the house.

The next day we were going through old stuff of ours. We reached a box that had my name on it, and decided to open it. We found a few of my old childish journals that were from when I was seven years old.The journal seemed like what an ordinary seven year old would draw and write for the first half of the journal.

The second half, I had written about hearing a voice. Since my childish scrawling from back then was hard to make out, that’s all I could make out. The last sentence of one of the pages:

Stop making me scream Stevie

That Night I barely slept, since I didn’t want to wake my sister up again with my screaming. I decided to go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee, and walked out of my old room.

As I walked I felt a cold chill crawl up my spine, and the hairs on my neck prickled. It felt like someone was watching me from the shadows. I remember that I had looked around to see if my sister was awake, yet no one was their so i continued on my way to the kitchen.

A few minute’s later I had my coffee brewing, so I picked up my book from where I had left it on the couch earlier, and sat down at the kitchen table to read. Soon I felt the same shiver of cold and prickling of my neck and looked around again.  No one was there, so I continued my reading.

Another few minute’s and then I felt something on my arm, like a small hand that was lightly touching me. And I heard a soft whisper of a child voice. It said “I missed you and your screams, Lily”

I was terrified, so I ran up to my sister’s room sobbing and screaming that if she was playing a prank on me I was going to kill her.

She started freaking out and asked me what was wrong. When I told her what had happened, she gave me a weird look. I remember that I begged her to believe me, and I guess when she saw that I was so scared I was crying she had to believe me.

After this, my sister sold the house and we were free from it. Though, I recently began to get curious when my boyfriend questioned me why I hadn’t I looked up history about our house, if we thought it was haunted.

My curiosity led me to our archives which I could look up on the internet. I googled the street address of our old home, and found something I didn’t like.

Apparently a young child named Stevie had lived there, and broke his neck at age eight when he fell down the stairs. He had been a neighborhood bully to the other children who had lived there. And he liked to make the females of the neighborhood scream.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 Okay, this one really gave me the willies.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




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