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Scream (literally)

industrialcunt submitted:

The costume story reminded me of this.

So, idk if this was paranormal, but it chilled me to the bone and i have no reason to think it was a hallucination. Plus, in my experience, mere tricks of the light and such are far more subtle. I’ve never had sleep paralysis or anything like that either.

When i was about 6, my older brother and i would often sleep downstairs where the little tv with the ps2 hooked up (and the vhs player). This was in the house we lived in a long time ago (over a decade). From where we slept on the couch, you could look up the stairs and see the living room–whether because the door was open, or because there was no door, i don’t know. Anyway, it was one night that we slept down there. I was awake, not dozing yet…. when i saw something.

His Scream costume (you know, the ones with the thin generic black robe and the laughing Scream face) was laying, draped, over the back of the couch. As I looked, i absolutely saw it stand up, turn around, and stare at me. I tried to shut my eyes ans ignore it, but when i looked back, it was still there. my brother was sleeping beside me for sure, and there was no one else in the house capable of fitting in that costume.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Maybe that ghost was just a big fan of the movie. Either way, they’re creepy as hell and a tiny bit innovative. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Scream (literally)

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