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ibloomatnight submitted:

So a few years ago, I was on my computer, in complete darkness, except for the desktop. I was kinda bored and doing nothing in particular, but surfing the internet. Then I hear a scratching sound from the floor, right under my window. It startled me, but I let it go. I hear the scratching a second time, it was a sound like claws scratching right on the floor and it made no sense. I decided to get up and look under the curtains. There was nothing there. I can still hear the scratching, stopping for a few seconds then coming back. At this point, I took a few steps away from the place towards the door, staring at that spot. After a few seconds of the sound going on and me staring intensely at the empty place behind the curtains, I hear a short scratch as if an animal came running towards me. I freak out and run to my grandma, who was still awake and not knowing what to say, I tell her that I thought a rat was in my room. She rapidly dismissed it, as we lived on the third floor apartment and there were never problems with rats or anything like that. I came back to my room, still a little scared and I check the spot again. No trace left, nothing moving and no sound coming from there. I then texted my boyfriend at that time, whom I known had some sort of psychic powers to “check” on me and he told me that I somehow managed to attract a demon looking like a huge crow. I almost pissed myself…

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 Nice looking demon. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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