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Hotel Saskatchewan,circa -1930


Assiniboia Club in Regina. A specter of a young woman who was ax-murdered by a business man roams the halls of this gentlemen’s clubhouse. It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Darke Hall, University of Regina in Regina. This university campus is haunted by three very different ghosts. It is home to various scholars, professors, academics, not to mention a few apparitional figures. The building was once used as a Military Storage Unit, and then it was converted into a schoolhouse. After an outbreak of typhoid, the building was quarantined, and many students and teachers lost their lives. The ghosts of these children and their teachers still wander the campus grounds. Francis Nicholson Darke’s ghost has been seen walking past the area where his funeral was held.It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon. In the marble hotel lobby there is a large crack that legend says is from a former employee falling seven stories to his death. It is rumored by hotel guests and staff members to the origins of the “Man in Gray”, an apparitional figure that is seen wearing a gray suit and a fedora. This spectral figure is completely silent and merely smiles at anyone who sees him. He is, in fact, usually thought to be a living person unless the witness is aware of the legend.

Fort Battleford in Battleford. This area was originally the capital of Northwest Territories before land speculators successfully transferred it to Regina in 1883. The officer’s headquarters are said by tourists to be haunted by a surgeon. The town hall has a specter who has been referred as “Charlie” prowling the second floor which once was an opera house. There have been reports about ghostly smells of chocolate chip cookies baking in the council chamber as well as of cigar smoke around desks in the office area. Apparitional war cries have been heard by tourists in the area around the fort. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies and a general feeling of unease.

Fort San in Fort Qu’Appelle. A spectral nurse nicknamed “nurse Jane” is seen by witnesses wandering the halls and grounds. Other paranormal activities are unexplained voices, spooky footsteps, reports of hearing your name called, apparitional former patients, abiotic figures seen staring out of mirrors, feelings of being watched and not wanted, light anomalies, mysterious mists, feeling of being choked and the sounds of wheelchairs rolling through the hallways.

Government House in Regina. Over the years, several annonymous staff and former students have observed strange occurrences here. Doors have been said to open and close repeatedly with no one near, the sound of crying babies and laughing children have been heard late at night with no one around, and other witnesses have claimed to see eerie faces next to theirs when looking into mirrors. One particular apparition of note is “Howie”, believed by tourists to be the former cook of Lieutenant-Governor Archibald McNab. Many witnesses believe that his ghost roams the house; his footsteps often heard by visitors shuffling through the halls. He even has a say in the interior decorating—witnesses have inexplicably found objects shifted or moved from one room to another.

Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina. The seventh and the eighth floors seem to be the most active and many hotel staff members refuse to work on these floors. There have been numerous guests complaining of spectral noises in their room on all floors though. Apparitions have been that just disappear before people’s eyes. A cupboard once opened and a vase flew across the room in the Royal Suite.

Roche Percee Mines in Roche Percee. Labour strikes and murders are just some of the events in the mine’s colourful past. The mine is rumoured by visitors to be haunted by Native Canadian spirits known as rugaroos, who are supposed to be centuries old with the power to transform into animals. Tourists have reported seeing them become animals before their eyes, and they have a reputation for being aggressive if they don’t leave when they issue a warning growl. Seeing red eyes and a feeling of being watched are also well known in this area.

Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford. Paranormal activity includes apparitional sounds, mists and lights are witnessed in the cemetery at night as well as whispers from behind the headstones. One of the wings of the hospital had a terrible fire in the 1930s and one patient passed away from her burns. She can still be seen wandering the burnt out wing at night. In the tunnels under the facility, apparitions disappear once they pass a living person. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, disembodied voices, screams and bangs, mysterious footsteps and the feeling of being watched by spectral spirits especially from the windows.

Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital in Weyburn. It was reported that apparitional former patients wandered the defunct asylum. The asylum was demolished in 2009. Other paranormal activities are disembodied voices on the grounds and in the surrounding trees, spectral screams, mysterious bangs with other unexplained noises, light anomalies, feelings of being watched and of unease as well as shadowy figures.


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