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San Francisco Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

San Francisco Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

San Francisco Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

San Francisco Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

It seems like an old San Francisco mortuary still has a few souls hanging around, specifically a young girl who was caught on the CCTV camera.

The night janitor was locking up at 5am as seen in the video, and no sooner than he had left the building, we can clearly see a girl who quickly runs back and forth to the door as if making sure the janitor was really gone.

Johnny Martinez who works there as a bartender explained that the build was once a funeral home named the Gantner-Maison-Domergue Funeral Home before it became a restaurant and a music venue called the Chapel.

The CCTV camera that had captured the girl was once the embalming room and according to Chapels manager, Camille Ives, the janitor was shown the video afterwards and he swears that there was no girl in the building when he was there.



The Chaple today

The Gatner-Maison-Domerge Funeral Home as it is today

Other employees believe that besides the little girl there is an old woman haunting the building. The staff at the restaurant sometimes arrives very early, and have reported a strong rose perfume order and felt the presence of an older woman.

Johnny recalled one strange incident with a new co-worker, “I looked at her, and she just had this petrified look.” She told me that she had just heard an old woman whispering to her, “Camille, are you ready? Are you ready, Camille?”

Roxane Moaveni, who is the box office manager at the Chapel, says she has heard lots of ghost stories of an old woman who disappeared from a bathroom stall.

Others have heard footsteps while the building was empty, faucets that have turned themselves on and off and have even witnessed candles that have flying off the mantel.

Investigators have been in contact with the managers of the Chapel and a ghost-hunting show wants to film there, so we may see this on TV soon.




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San Francisco Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

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