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Samuel Pickman HouseSalem, MassachusettsSamuel Pickman House is…

Samuel Pickman House
Salem, Massachusetts

Samuel Pickman House is on the corner of Charter and Liberty Street, directly next to the Witch Memorial and the Old Burying Point Cemetery. The Pickman House was built in 1664 and is one of Salem’s earliest original structures. Owned by the Peabody Essex Museum, it too contains a dark, fatal history according to legend. One story tells of a husband and wife who lived in this house with their 7 year old daughter. The demons were believed to have caused the husband to go insane, chaining his daughter up in the attic, torturing and starving the child. He then tied his wife to a tree outside and killed her by pouring boiling hot wax over her body, leaving her to die a slow painful death. He then fled.
People take photos of the house claiming it is still inhibited by a demonic force and the ghost of the young girl who is sometimes seen looking out the attic window. Paranormal anomalies are the result of photographs showing what looks to be the girl looking out the window while people look in. Orbs and other odd lights are captured on film.

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Samuel Pickman HouseSalem, MassachusettsSamuel Pickman House is…

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