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Salem Presbyterian Cemetary

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This place is about 20 minutes from my house and for about 3 years I did frequent investigations. I have seen many spirits, some of them just walking around like it’s a party… pictures of crazy orbs, evps, all that shit. After the first two years, it seemed that none of the spirits wanted to communicate with me and my partner anymore. Never found out why. I have WAY too many stories about that place, very scary stories, incidents that really made no sense what so fucking ever… but I wanted to share this. 

A lady messaged my friend randomly and fellow investigator Will asking about a grave of a relative, wanting to know if he was buried there. Sure enough we found the grave. Not long after, Will had a private experience while laying beside that grave. He sat up and a bearded man was sitting on the stone with his head down, never looking at Will. Keep in mind, I don’t bullshit around with the paranormal. Neither does he. I saw this happening, but I didn’t see the spirit myself. But anyway. The spirit kept talking about how he was sad because everyone he knew was dead… he mentioned his niece dying, and how he possibly could have prevented it. That’s about all that happened that night. I started doing research and found out he was one of the founders of the church itself… I couldn’t get any more information but I wonder, why did he open up to Will? Some spirits wanted us there, enjoyed communicating with us. And then all of a sudden, it became very rare for anything to happen. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Maybe the spirit was able to find peace by talking to an open minded person? 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!




by cnkguy
Salem Presbyterian Cemetary

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